12:13, Tue 15 Sep
Going to Blackburn apparently, according to Nixon.

3 year deal.
12:15, Tue 15 Sep
Wikipedia has him as being 29 years old??

Must have had a hard life.
12:22, Tue 15 Sep
Carter-Vickers or JCS for us I think.
12:24, Tue 15 Sep
Saudi Arabia
12:27, Tue 15 Sep
I think if Karanka had wanted Ayala, he probably could have done the deal.

Just perhaps Karanka and Ayala don't get on too well, as some have suggested?

I quite like the idea of a mobile younger defender to add a bit of variety to our central defensive options.
21:12, Tue 15 Sep
Blackburn move completed.
21:48, Tue 15 Sep
Nixon is full ov shit
21:50, Tue 15 Sep
Seems like an absolute prick as well
09:24, Wed 16 Sep
It's OK, Ayala is shit anyway, inni?
09:45, Wed 16 Sep
Every woman every man
Loves Karankaman, we're Blues
Stand up... stand up.... stand up
Everybody make a noise
We're the Brummie boys
Stand up, stand up .....
09:53, Wed 16 Sep
It's OK, Ayala is shit anyway, inni?

He’s an ugly fecker too. We only sign good looking ex Boro defenders from now on.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.