11:18, Wed 16 Sep
5 80s albums that I still return to now:

Gentlemen take Polaroids - Japan.

Wonderful album, took me 3 years to get into it after release. It reminds me vividly of the summer of 1983. Still sounds as good today.

Rio - Duran Duran

Full of light and optimism, a great source of comfort after a few drinks during lockdown. An album that prompted me gel my hair, put on a fresh shirt and hit the Birmingham night life in the 80's

Dare - The Human League

A masterpiece from start to finish, a definitive house party album from the 80's still beautiful and uplifting.

Non Stop Erotic Cabaret-Soft Cell

A darker underlying theme to the others with much of it focusing on sex, addiction and Vice. Brilliant and reminds me of early days at secondary school.

Dolittle - Pixies

Quite possibly the album I've returned to most over the years. Wonderful, influential and unforgettable.
11:23, Wed 16 Sep
1) dare--human league
2) brothers in arms--dire straits
3) war--u2
4) upstairs at eric's--yazoo
5) wonderland --erasure
11:35, Wed 16 Sep
Altered Images - Happy Birthday

The title track is almost ridiculously misleading, the remainder is about fear, obsession, paranoia. Produced by Steve Severin. And if you listen to the b-side of "Happy Birthday" (which isn't on the original album) you get a different perspective of the title track - more that it is someone under a delusion (which is also touched on "Who Cares?", the b-side of "Dead Pop Stars").

Wedding Present - George Best

Kitchen sink indie at its finest.

OMD - Dazzle Ships

Experimental and boundary-pushing, and you have to skip a few of the samples now. But I reckon it is above Architecture And Morality because it is so bold. Unfortunately the audience had shifted from new wave towards yuppiefication and the sales went down from 3 million to 300k.

The Shop Assistants - Will Anything Happen

Also listed as self-titled. The missing link between Jesus & Mary Chain and The Primitives. Occasionally languid, occasionally effervescent, always utterly brilliant. RIP Alex Taylor.

The Go-Go's - Talk Show

The sound of a band falling apart. It is suffused with bitterness and vitriol, underneath an indiepop exterior.

Someone else can pick a Cocteau Twins album out...and there are still so many others that I constantly go back to. Adam & The Ants, Human League, ABC, Haircut 100, Talulah Gosh, Sugarcubes, HMHB, Talk Talk, Stump, Laibach, Cardiacs, Madness...
11:40, Wed 16 Sep
Big Country, The Crossing
U2 Joshua Tree
Big Country Steeltown
Echo and the Bunnymen Songs to learn and sing
11:40, Wed 16 Sep
1) dare--human league
2) brothers in arms--dire straits
3) war--u2
4) upstairs at eric's--yazoo
5) wonderland --erasure

Lexicon of Love - ABC
Technique - New Order (or any of their others)
The Queen is Dead - Smiths (although Morrissey is a chunt)
NWA - Straight Outta Compton
The House Sound Of Chicago Vol 1
11:45, Wed 16 Sep
5) Vivid - Living Colour
4) Scary Monsters - David Bowie
3) Master of Puppets - Metallica
2) Rush - Moving Pictures
1) Guns N’ Roses - Appetite for Destruction
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
11:55, Wed 16 Sep
Got as far as Duran and gave up on humanity.
12:00, Wed 16 Sep
See you then
12:01, Wed 16 Sep
Not if you're the dj you won't.
12:04, Wed 16 Sep
I knew there would be some sneering response.

No problem if its not for you. Have yourself a lovely day.
12:06, Wed 16 Sep
Nice - love gnr and that album was superb.

My 5 -

George Michael - Faith
Prince - Sign of the times
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Beastie Boys - Licensed to I'll
Talking Heads - remain in light
12:11, Wed 16 Sep
Pretty Hate Machine - Nine Inch Nails
The Real Thing - Faith No More
Bleach - Nirvana
Bug - Dinosaur Jr
Surfer Rosa - Pixies
12:16, Wed 16 Sep
1.the stone roses
2.hatful of hollow the smiths
3. London 0 Hull 4 the housemartins
4. Sound effects the jam
5. Rio duran duran has to be up there.
12:28, Wed 16 Sep
Wow, so many, 5' is difficult to call to be honest. Yes to Human League "Dare", Soft Cell "Non-stop Erotic Cabaret" and ABC "Lexicon of Love"

My additional 2 not previously mentioned:

The The - Infected
Cult - Love
12:50, Wed 16 Sep
Without giving it too much though but also without embarrassing myself

London Calling - The Clash, released 2 weeks before the end of '79, I'm having it...and so should you.

3 Feet High and Rising - De La Soul

Eight Legged Groove Machine - Wonderstuff

Signing Off - UB40 - When they were still good, great even

Our Favourite Shop - The Style Council - TSC, often in the shadow of the Jam and Weller's solo work but they were just a brilliant, brilliant band.