I am well chuffed with this, he is a proven goal scorer and Aitor will definitely get the best from him.
21:37, Wed 16 Sep
Jimmy Krankie-a
Where's the 🐖pig??

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21:37, Wed 16 Sep
Relegation beckons.
21:37, Wed 16 Sep
Similar to Nugent? No chance.
Hogan has signed a four-year contract at St Andrew's after his loan spell last season

21:44, Wed 16 Sep
Super Hans
He’s quite similar to David Nugent who Karanka had leading the line at Boro.

Bang on, he used Nugent quite a lot so he obviously likes that sort of player.
21:47, Wed 16 Sep
Nugent is/was a work horse who will run the channels all day, Hogan isn't that he's a box player
21:49, Wed 16 Sep
Hogan will work the channels under Karanka I’m sure of it, he will demand it. He’s got the tools to do it imo and with better players behind him will have more incentive to make those runs.
21:49, Wed 16 Sep
Hogan ran the channels plenty when he first signed from what I remember.

As mentioned above that’s how Karanka will have him play, as contrary to what some think Hogan has decent pace.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
21:50, Wed 16 Sep
If he gets 12-15 goals next season, who cares.
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21:54, Wed 16 Sep
Don’t know how the deal has been structured but it looks like another cracking piece of business.
Every single signing looks like a piece of a jigsaw coming togeather and we’re looking very balanced.

Just needs sprinkling with some decent young Prem loans at the back and up front and it will be an interesting season I reckon.
21:58, Wed 16 Sep
Let’s hope he celebrates his goals with his teammates, the selfish bastard.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
21:59, Wed 16 Sep
Is that right? He was criticised for not being very mobile, I was surprised as he played in a very mobile Brentford side - didn’t see his enough of his performances pre shutdown to form an opinion
22:02, Wed 16 Sep
His movement at times was superb, movement Juke could only dream of
22:03, Wed 16 Sep
Where’s Scouty?
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