12:35, Wed 23 Sep
On TalkSPORT this morning. Hasn’t gone down too well with West Ham fans

12:47, Wed 23 Sep
One of two who is responsible for the decline of BCFC
Like an English rain. So light yet endless from a leaden sky. Neil Peart RIP.

And when the music stops
There's only the sound of the rain.
12:53, Wed 23 Sep
On TalkSPORT this morning. Hasn’t gone down too well with West Ham fans


All very predictable, actually feel a bit sorry for the fans there especially after seeing that joke of a stadium. Always liked Upton Park, I suspect 99% of their fans would have liked the option of improving that and getting it up to about 45k capacity rather than selling it off for more profit.
13:37, Wed 23 Sep
I hope he stays there forever.
No future.....
13:41, Wed 23 Sep
Looks like he is doing his "poor me" routine, which precipitated selling us, I wonder if he is looking to get out of West Ham, but needs to find/make up an excuse like he did here.
13:48, Wed 23 Sep
What I didn’t understand was Sullivan was moaning about the James Tarkowski deal. Burnley are holding out for 50 million.. Surely there are other options? Is a marquee signing really what West Ham need? Look at some of the players they’ve signed recently for big money. Jack Wiltshire for example. On big wages. Hardly kicked a ball in two seasons. Dreadful.
13:51, Wed 23 Sep
Jon Bass
I hope he stays there forever.

A match made in Heaven for me & long may it continue 👍

Loved my trips to Upton Park throughout the late 70’s & 80’s but the 1st trip to the London Stadium was an anti climax but still can’t feel sorry for the fans or the club.

14:00, Wed 23 Sep
Amazing that some still defend them.
Liars. Classless. And they were took to county by Yeung and settled out of court.
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
14:01, Wed 23 Sep
He was also responsible for our rise when we were literally on our knees.
14:11, Wed 23 Sep
It’s been done to death, gave us some great times, made a load of money out of us, then sold us down the river, their legacy is us being passed around the strip clubs of Hong Kong for 11 years and counting
14:30, Wed 23 Sep
14:33, Wed 23 Sep
Typical West Ham Fans sitting on the fence.
14:38, Wed 23 Sep
That's a more balanced take. Point I was making is they were not all bad and were actually very good for us in many respects.

In the end they took the money and ran.
15:36, Wed 23 Sep
Everyone please don’t judge me, but West Ham have always been a second team of mine due to connections since a young age and have kept a close eye on what’s going on. It’s absolutely awful, feel for them and I really do think they’ll be relegated this year. They’ve been given a budget of 40 mill to spend, incredible this day an age.
15:56, Wed 23 Sep
Grateful for him and Goatman for peeling us out of the gutter. But could never feel sorry for them after they effed us off to Carsen and his jacket. Plus - could never feel sorry for West Ham whoever effing owned them. As deluded and historical as Vile.