07:29, Thu 24 Sep
After 2 fantastic results where many of us couldn't see a point let alone 4 and 2 clean sheets we now go into a game where many of us will be expecting a win.

So, is there a typical Blues performance coming along?? A home defeat against one of the teams expected to struggle??

I don't think that we will see many of what we would call "typical Blues" performances under Karanka.

Can we open up and change the style from the first two games to be more on the front foot, I think we can and will.

3-1 Blues

Hogan, Juke and Sanchez to score.

What does everyone think?
07:31, Thu 24 Sep
1-0 blues, Hogan, Wes has a good game, should have never.
07:46, Thu 24 Sep
Blues 4-0

Attendance 0
Who painted Rosie's knickers blue and white ?
07:47, Thu 24 Sep

Juke & Toral
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
07:47, Thu 24 Sep
I was a bit surprised by this one, but according to Opta, we haven’t lost against a promoted side in 14 attempts, dating back to when we lost 1-0 to Millwall under Wurzel. So maybe we’re not so typical Blues after all.

Anyway, 1-0 to them.
07:48, Thu 24 Sep
3 nil win
Hogan to score
Bela to score
and another from a set piece

07:52, Thu 24 Sep
This is a tough test and a completely different one to Brentford and Swansea

Those two games were good for Karanka as we were against possession based teams and we could put the defensive work into practice

This time we will have most of the ball, Rotherham will be deep and will just look to beat the press by going long and early at every chance, turning our defence.

It’s also a different defensive challenge as we will need to be solid whilst in possession, filling in gaps etc, not leaving ourselves exposed. They’re also good on set plays.

Seems like a banker for U2.5 goals. I’ll go with Etheridge to make some good stops from set pieces, Blues to have a lot of the ball but struggle to create clear chances, before Sanchez finds Juke with a cross to win it

1-0 - into the automatics
07:53, Thu 24 Sep
2-1 Blues, Rotherham to grab an equaliser after we go 1 up, Blues to nick it last 15.

Big test for us this, if we manage to brush them aside by a couple of goals I'll start believing.
07:55, Thu 24 Sep
Can't see Rotherham having enough to trouble our defensive setup so the scoreline will probably be down to how adventurous Blues want to be going forward.

The game will probably be just as tough as the Swansea game, as it'll be on us to break them down, but I fancy a decent win.

Hogan and Crowley both to start.

Blues never do well when we're the favourite, but hopefully Aitor knows the way to approach it.

2-0 Blues.
07:55, Thu 24 Sep
Clean sheet again but Rotherham will defend like crazy so I'm going for 0-0.
07:57, Thu 24 Sep
I think this games the decider on whether we’ve turned a corner. I’m going with 2-0 blues solid performance and start of many.
07:59, Thu 24 Sep
If we were Brentford or penalty kings Preston, I would say 5-0 but we ain't so I am sticking with a drab 0-0.
08:01, Thu 24 Sep
Blues 4-0

Attendance 0
Please be true
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
08:23, Thu 24 Sep
2-1 Blues - Hogan, Friend

Comfortable until the last 10 mins where they'll get a sloppy goal back (Harding from 2 yards so he doesn't blaze it over).

We'll hang on....just!
08:25, Thu 24 Sep
Strangely, a comfortable home win against Rotherham would be even more encouraging than the last 2 impressive results. We'll see.