23:52, Thu 24 Sep
An interesting comment from Rotherham manager, Warne, about Karanka/us.... “He’s got a lot of experience in his team who know how to get results.”

I agree with that. I think Rotherham will make it very difficult for us to break them down, but we’ll find a way to edge it by the odd goal.
I hope & expect that Wes Harding will have a really good game, as long as it’s not at our expense. Really disappointed that he didn’t fulfil his potential with us, but I agreed with the decision to let him go.
00:56, Fri 25 Sep
Hernan Cortés
I was a bit surprised by this one, but according to Opta, we haven’t lost against a promoted side in 14 attempts, dating back to when we lost 1-0 to Millwall under Wurzel. So maybe we’re not so typical Blues after all.

Anyway, 1-0 to them.

It doesn't surprise me at all, as I have said before most teams say the 'typical' bullshit.

The other year we never lost to anyone in the bottom 6, we were excellent against them, yet people still said we struggled against the teams down the bottom.
00:58, Fri 25 Sep
I think this games the decider on whether we’ve turned a corner. I’m going with 2-0 blues solid performance and start of many.

No it isn't.
05:49, Fri 25 Sep
Blues to win 2-0.

Bullet header from our captain to open the scoring in the first 5 minutes of the second half after a first half of shithousing by them.
06:12, Fri 25 Sep
1-0 blues san jose (if he plays) bela if not
08:10, Fri 25 Sep
Well I think it is.
08:19, Fri 25 Sep
An indicator rather than a decider perhaps
08:31, Fri 25 Sep
Blues 4-0

Attendance 0

One of those answers is correct.

Hopefully the first one
09:50, Fri 25 Sep
Well I think it is.

So if we lose this and win our next 5 you would still say we've not turned a corner?
10:04, Fri 25 Sep
Hang on. When is this ‘other year’ you refer to?
If you’re talking about last season we lost to hull away for a start and in the home games against both them and Charlton we scraped draws at the death.
We also lost twice to Wigan who, I accept, were not bottom six without the deduction. But if you want to ignore that, then Huddersfield were bottom six and we were murdered by them.
To be honest, I agree with your sentiment that it’s not necessarily ‘typical Blues’ to lose tomorrow, but to say we didn’t lose to bottom six sides and generalise we were excellent in those games is far from true.
10:10, Fri 25 Sep
Year before I think
10:15, Fri 25 Sep
Well we definitely had the double done over us by Bolton who were relegated dismally. I also remember us being horrific at home to Millwall who were also bottom six. That’s just off the top of my head.
As I say, there are plenty of occasions where we’ve beaten crap teams, but the suggestion we are rarely crap against lesser sides is not true either.
10:21, Fri 25 Sep
Monk was in charge I think. It was perceived we did better against the top teams, and we did okay as beat Leeds etc. It was those in the middle we struggled against.

It may have been that we had one of the best records in the league against the bottom 6.
12:18, Fri 25 Sep
Well I think it is.

So if we lose this and win our next 5 you would still say we've not turned a corner?

You seem like someone that we’ll be 20 games in 20 wins and you’ll moan about why our GD isn’t higher. Give it a rest with your negativity. Jheez you’d think you can’t have an opinion on here without being called out for it sometimes.
12:39, Fri 25 Sep
Yes agree.

Won't be many 3-1 wins this year but this will be first of them.

Nice to be looking forward to it and sure team will be.