09:27, Fri 25 Sep
You're a lovely man.
Promoted again.
13:54, Fri 25 Sep
Cheers God
16:44, Fri 25 Sep
They've done well recently so fair play to them. Overall though, they've wasted a huge amount of money to take us from a position we'd be happy to finish in this season to being in a relegation scrap so whilst the last couple of months have been great, there's still along way to go before I trust them at all. They haven't had the chance yet to repeat many of the mistakes they made in the past so time will tell if they've changed or not.

Hopefully we'll all still feel positive about them in a couple of years and we'll look back on the start of their reign as a bit of a blip.
16:52, Fri 25 Sep
Yep, though tbh there was no 'apparent' incompetence - it was plainly there for all to see. As long as he really has learned different though, that's fine by me.