22:05, Sat 17 Oct
spotted in norfolk today.
what a disappointment,ive had a rufous nest box set up in my garden since 1998 hoping he might pass through northfield and fancy a kip.
every day i have been putting his fave mealworms out for him,and i even put him a little mirror and bell on the side,so he could enjoy his stay in brum.
so he the went to crappy norfolk.
what a crappy day and blues lost anall.
22:09, Sat 17 Oct
1980 was apparently the last time.
22:39, Sat 17 Oct
Always the same where birds are concerned
You know I love that violence that you get around here.
That kind of ready-steady violence. That violent 'how do you do'
06:22, Sun 18 Oct
Rufus is a shithouse. Fact.