08:31, Sat 24 Oct
And a secretary from Birmingham with white legs and diarrhoea, drinking Watneys Red Barrel singing Torremolinos....
10:15, Sat 24 Oct
Made in Daegu
How old is this brand?! I’ve never heard of it!

Watney founded 1837.

Watneys Red Barrel was popular in 1960s.

"In Monty Python's "Travel Agent Sketch", Eric Idle's character, Mr. Smokestoomuch, mentions Watney's Red Barrel many times in his rambling tirade about cheap holiday packages"

Ah! Well then I expect my Dad drank it!!
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10:53, Sat 24 Oct
'If the bottom has dropped out of your world ,drink Watneys ,and the world will drop out of your bottom'
10:55, Sat 24 Oct
😁 it was feckin rank, but if that was all that was in the kitchen at house do's - it got drunk!
15:28, Sat 24 Oct
I was about to post the exact same response, a that’s my main memory from a Watneys barrel
What did the Knights in White satin?
16:13, Sat 24 Oct
No good if it going to have a tap on it.

Remember my dad fighting with the can trying to get 2 holes in the top so he could get the stuff out.

Reminds me of 1970s Redditch.
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16:13, Sat 24 Oct
Did anyone actually like this stuff?🤮
16:15, Sat 24 Oct
Did anyone actually like this stuff?🤮

I don't think so, in all honesty. It was more a case of 'if you can pour it, you can drink it'.
The Belle of St. Trillions
16:16, Sat 24 Oct
Sounds like my cups of tea
16:23, Sat 24 Oct
To be fair to 'em it's not the same company, the same beer, or the same kegs. But, that brand name will get them some publicity...which is proven by the existence of this thread.

I'm a great fan of the modern mini-keg and there's dozens available these days.

My current favourite is the Abbeydale Moonshine Pale Ale at 4.3%. Bloomin' gorgeous.

There's too much opinion and not enough fact.
17:10, Sat 24 Oct
I much preferred Double Diamond, but I was easily pleased in those days.
20:13, Sat 24 Oct
Beer at home means Davenports. That's the beer, lots of cheer.....
20:23, Sat 24 Oct
As the advert used to say, A Double Diamond works wonders, so drink one today! 🍺
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22:54, Sat 24 Oct
The finest malt with hops and yeast, Turns a snack into a feast.
22:57, Sat 24 Oct
The finest, turns a snack into a feast
I thought that was crude?
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