16:48, Sat 24 Oct
Which do we prefer?

Last seven of last season

won 0 drew 1 lost 6 for 3 against 15 points 1

First seven of this season

won 1 drew 4 lost 2 for 3 against 4 points 7

I think it's very very clear that we have made a huge defensive improvement. We're still struggling for goals BUT there have been signs throughout the first 7 games of the season that we're playing much better and look like a team who are fighting for each other.

Today was also a much improved performance and with a bit more luck should have won.

It's improving guys and gals, we need to give Karanka time to turn this lot around.
16:51, Sat 24 Oct
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
16:52, Sat 24 Oct

Hope that doesn't mean I'm one of the 'Brigade'.

Today was encouraging.
16:53, Sat 24 Oct
Have we improved from the circus that was the restarted season post-lockdown? Yes.

Are we infinitely better than we were for the majority of the last campaign before lockdown? Hmm.
16:59, Sat 24 Oct
I’d say we’re looking like we’re playing more as a team and more importantly starting (and only yet at the start) of building something more durable.
16:59, Sat 24 Oct
A rhetorical question, of course, but yes, we were a team without hope or direction in the latter part of the season. It's more than possible that another league game would have seen us relegated. We were an error-strewn, ill-disciplined dispirited team being managed by a poor sod brought back from furlough and a rookie coach. The players looked bewildered and bereft of any expectation of winning.

Of course it hasn't fallen into place perfectly, but we've got a proper manager and some decent players to bolster what should have been a lower mid-table squad and some discipline, fight, endeavour and apparent team spirit. We've managed to bring in some quality and stop leaking goals. We need to translate the improvement into creating chances and scoring goals. We're still short of a striker, but I'm hopeful that we can address this at the enst transfer window.

Work in progress, but with a much sounder base than the admittedly non-existent base of last season.
The Belle of St. Trillions
17:02, Sat 24 Oct
We ended the last campaign with 13 senior pros, we then lost Bellingham (obviously) and added 11 new signings.

First and most important thing to do was to stop us conceding and losing every game. Done.

Now he has to get the confidence up and get us scoring goals. Clearly a long way to go.

Karanka is a very clever manager though and we've created decent chances today. It will come. We now have a plan A and plan B in terms of the formation and we have a squad of players we can call on and not really look any weaker. Clayton out San Jose in being a prime example.
17:04, Sat 24 Oct
But but but with a "competent" manager we were going to improve regardless apparently.

Plus we've improved the squad since the end of last season.

Better today, hopefully more to come. Fact is not scoring in open play in two months is still meh.
17:05, Sat 24 Oct
We will score at some point and win some too.
17:07, Sat 24 Oct
Look I can see what the guy is trying to do, and a blind man can see we are more solid defensively than we have been for a long time.

But I'm not convinced our lack of goal threat is simply down to the lack of players or a lack of talent. Even against bang mediocre sides like QPR today and Rov'rum a few weeks back he is far too over cautious for my liking.

I said elsewhere the other day as well that I'm not all that convinced he will be allowed an infinite amount of time to get it right (just going off the track record of the CEO and those above him more than anything) if we carry on playing in the style that we are with combined with the results being less than spectacular.
17:08, Sat 24 Oct
We need a Birmingham City advent calender to see which number game it tells us 😛
17:08, Sat 24 Oct
Yes, the goal scoring is an issue but I'd say we had bigger issues to solve first.

I think Karanka has done that bit well and instilled a team spirit and a belief we're not going to lose every game. Now he has to get the open play monkey off the teams back. It becomes a bit of a psychological issue the longer it goes on.

I don't think we're a million miles away from being a top half team.
17:09, Sat 24 Oct
Conceding two goals from open play in two months is excellent on the other hand.

Shows what this competent manager has done for the team which looked like conceding with every attack since just before lockdown.

Now he’s sorted that I think we can expect work on the other side of the game.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
17:17, Sat 24 Oct
That’s a good point, easy to forget because of how long it went on for, that we were decent in spells last season. The start was ok. We had some shocking results (Forest, Swansea away) but we won our fair share up till around November. Obviously had the good run in January/February to.

After 7 games last season we had 4 wins in the league and had scored 6 goals.

The club made a complete shambles of things after we went into lockdown. It’s almost impossible to judge Clotet after it was announced he was leaving - up till that point we were decent enough. Can’t see how this Blues team will be any better.
17:18, Sat 24 Oct
It is up to a point as it is to the detriment of failing to score in open play against the might of Cambridge through to QPR.

The likes of McLeish and Rowett were pounded by some for being too negative yet Karanka has been hailed for worse. As consistent as VAR 😉

Today will be a good point if we win our next match 👍