09:17, Sun 25 Oct
Anyone been?

09:31, Sun 25 Oct
Not personally but friends have said it is good
09:33, Sun 25 Oct
Yep. Went last year some time. After was mentioned in here actually.

Was really good. Tasty food, intimate surroundings, great personal service as small place with, I think just the 2 people running it.

We were downstairs in front of the bar, which I think was better than upstairs as a it more interaction from the owner when behind the bar.

Everything in moderation, even moderation.
09:40, Sun 25 Oct
Been a couple of times. Very good, but small portions. I did the taster menu both times.
09:59, Sun 25 Oct
Will give it a try, one day, if I’m ever allowed out of South East Wales again
11:06, Sun 25 Oct
Sounds good. Mate at work is vegan so have mentioned it to him.
15:23, Sun 25 Oct
Me and the missus have been and taken daughter & friends. I am not veggie but like a lot of folk am eating a bit less meat (keeping the lbs off if poss). Land is a very, very good restaurant, superb food, excellent, unusual and decent value wine list. Amazing flavours. It just happens to be veggie. In my opinion, of course. Try it if you can. A Birmingham gem, and the more varied good options the better (see also Balti thread...)