18:41, Sat 21 Nov
This is what’s needed to maximise the ps5


H already said he's not wanting a top end tv - though you are right in what you link if you want the ultimate gaming on a tv.
18:58, Sat 21 Nov
Had to go on the LG site as the amazon description wasn't in depth enough.
Firstly, LG make the best panels (a lot of other brands such as MSI etc actually just buy the panels in from LG, their nano pixel technology is the best) so that's the first plus point (we've got an LG oled as a main TV).
Short answer is yes, got everything you need there, assuming the PS5 is the same as the xbox, support for HDR10 is a must and it's got it. Good choice! 👍

Excellent thank you
“Oh Nikola Zigic”
19:31, Sat 21 Nov
I agree with you. He just said he wanted future proofing and that's where it's all heading. I don't think it matters too much unless you're playing multiplayer online games where the refresh rate can help.

I'm with bluer than blues, won't be getting a PS5 for at least a year. Very happy with the PS4 still.
21:12, Sat 21 Nov
Yeah future proofing within reason. I could get an 8K Tele for three grand.
“Oh Nikola Zigic”