21:42, Fri 20 Nov
Utter shite

Game after game

Who the eff is ever going to go and watch this when they let fans back in the ground

Not many


We'll be ok.
21:42, Fri 20 Nov
It's like watching what an Alex McLeish Blues team would have been like if he hadn't been able to spend a decent amount

Ha, I was thinking this is similar to McLeish. To keep things exactly as they were when we were failing to create against a side we should be beating is bad. We had talent on the bench. It worries me that he has no idea how he wants us to play beyond digging in.
21:42, Fri 20 Nov
I've come to the conclusion ak is kack
21:42, Fri 20 Nov
bluer than blues
It doesn't need to be free flowing but it does need to create chances. Sitting deep is fine but you have to get the ball forward quickly in order to create space and chances. We are laboured and by the time we get the ball up, their defence is organised and there is little space. This is further hampered by the fact that when in possession we simply won't commit men forward.

This all day long
21:42, Fri 20 Nov
We are absolute utter rubbish. Usual suspects will be along to leap to Karanka’s defence and label anyone that dare criticise him as being DVB etc but let’s face it, we are unwatchable and have made zero progress in 12 games. He doesn’t even have the bottle to make changes when we have a seemingly strong bench.
21:43, Fri 20 Nov
Utter garbage.

2 week break and a chance to bounce back against a newly promoted team and show some real intensity and attacking intention.

You'll struggle to find a more boring game all season. Turgid, 1 sub used from an available 5, absolutely no danger of throwing on Hogan and/or Leko to try freshen the attack.

Another game where Juke has a stinker, the wingers give us nothing, but none of them are changed at all.

So negative.
21:43, Fri 20 Nov
Absolute lack of progression from the team who look as though they play scared when up against the newly relegated sides and follow up with looking like though they play scared against the newly promoted ones.

Can't see what Karanka is trying to get the team to do as an attacking side at all.
21:43, Fri 20 Nov
the issues that are there are in the midfield for sure

two sitting midfielders who can’t find the wide men with consistency

toral nor the aussie lad able to give juke anything either

The issues tonight haven’t been the midfield

The issues tonight were not putting clear chances away
21:43, Fri 20 Nov
The only player who seemingly wants to make anything happen is a 33 year old George Friend.

What does that say about the rest of the team 😂
And I still prefer Pedersen at left back
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
21:43, Fri 20 Nov
Let's face it Coventry are poor by Championship standard

Can't beat them or Wycombe

How are we going to beat better sides?

We will be in another relegation battle playing this way
21:44, Fri 20 Nov
I think we're better than last season. It's fairly grim stuff but we were so powder puff earlier this year and that had to be addressed.

It has been, the key is that we need to be able to offer more going forward eventually. I'm still somewhat confident that will happen.

I like Karanka, but he's dropped a bollock by not bringing on Leko who the game was crying out for after an hour tonight.

The over reaction on here is a bit daft, but it is frustrating loike. I get that.

We deserved to win though and on another day it could have been a two or three - niler.

Coventry were really, really poor.
21:44, Fri 20 Nov
That was desperate. We were the most likely winner but the whole thing is so lacking in gusto and bravery it’s just painful to view. It’s so one paced and predictable
21:44, Fri 20 Nov
Gave in after half an hour of tedium and watched a recorded Nigella and a Lucy Worsley programme. One of the few that didn't want Karanka and I'll stick by I'd be happy if he's gone sooner rather than later.
21:44, Fri 20 Nov
Juke scores his two guilt edge chances and we're talking about a controlled solid away (sort of) performance.

Fine lines at the moment but we need to be on the front foot a hell of a lot more against the poorer sides.

First half v Wycombe against this sort of opposition (but for 90 mins) and we'd be much higher up the table.
21:44, Fri 20 Nov
If the name of the game is trying your best to draw nil nil we’re not half bad.
Couldn’t tell the difference between mid table non league football and this tonight.