13:18, Sat 21 Nov
Are the players good enough?
Are the coaches any good
Watching last night it was bordering on Sunday morning park football we’re continually losin shape, we could’nt put 2 passes together continuously giving away possession The ball was more up in the air than on the pitch , it was a complete mess
Are these players capable. Krankie said he was happy with an away point ????
Where will this team be at season end I have no hope
13:21, Sat 21 Nov
Chin up
13:22, Sat 21 Nov
Where will the team be at the end of the season?

Comfortably away from relegation. Not that I'm saying the football isn't dismal, but christ, we're not getting relegated.

This is bordering on Villa levels of bedwetting. We'll win next week and Karanka will be treated like the second coming.
13:29, Sat 21 Nov