16:39, Sat 21 Nov
Just hopped down to the local tesco to buy some Mr Kipling mince pies.

So lads what do you think- is it too early to start eating them now?

16:43, Sat 21 Nov
Normally, I’d say lay off till December, but these aren’t normal times so fill yer boots- mind you, there’s much better around than Mr Kipling. M&S for me but others think differently.


I'm confident that in a year or so we'll look back at lockdown as a big mistake. It's not a tried and tested policy. It was an experiment TIlton Rifle 8/8/20
16:45, Sat 21 Nov
Advent Sunday for me

I've got some Aldi salted caramel crumble topped ones and some Christmas pudding milk choc digestive biscuits ready to go
Duvet Know It’s Christmas?

It’s a cover
16:46, Sat 21 Nov
Yes it's too early, mince pies areca December to return to work in January treat, I have been nagged into putting up my 86 year old moms fairy lights today and my sister has her tree up, bah humbug!
16:49, Sat 21 Nov
Get stuck in! The Sainsbury's baked in store ones are my favorite.
17:06, Sat 21 Nov
No fill your boots
17:21, Sat 21 Nov
Yep u know u want them so go get em I ate hole box of tesco ones with a nice hot cup of tea as I watched blues away or was it at home last night
17:24, Sat 21 Nov
Too early, wait until six o clock.
17:25, Sat 21 Nov
I'm normally bah humbug and nothing chrismassy is allowed till december but lights went up today which is my job, the tree has been up a fortnight thats the wifes job- With the crap we have had this year any little of pleasure you can get from anywhere just do it.
SHA's Resident Estate Agent
17:29, Sat 21 Nov
Just had my first mince pie of the season

The Mrs was bored as I was watching the rugby so started baking 👍🎅
17:31, Sat 21 Nov

So lads what do you think- is it too early to start eating them now?

It depends on how much weight you want to put on for the January weigh-in.

There are a few things which are just Christmas for me and I only consume them at Christmas time - mince pies, turkey, glass of sherry, glass of ginger wine, quality street. A bit early yet to tuck in even in this weird shytey covid year.
17:32, Sat 21 Nov
Any day is too early.

Disgusting things they are
17:48, Sat 21 Nov
It’s wrong. You know as you asked rather than cracking on and starting a thread about the best ones.

Christmas goes live in December. Fact.

When it’s December you have to go 100% at it though.
19:04, Sat 21 Nov
As somebody who used to be a baker, I can't stand the sight of the damn things. We worked out one year that we made just over 60,000 mince pies. What was depressing was that the earlier they put them on sale the more people would buy them.
22:08, Sat 21 Nov
The trick (if you can call it that) that Gazza did to 5 bellies involving mince pies has truly put me off.