04:12, Sun 22 Nov
Advent Sunday for me

I've got some Aldi salted caramel crumble topped ones and some Christmas pudding milk choc digestive biscuits ready to go

Cheap and cheerful for me. I always find that when they add caramel and whatever else to them, it spoils them. £1 box from Aldi, pastry and mince, job done.
06:23, Sun 22 Nov
Tesco Finest are excellent and only £1 for a pack of 6 at the moment (if you have a Clubcard).

Fill your boots I say.
08:08, Sun 22 Nov
You've all got me wanting some now. I saw them in M&S last week but decided it was too early. Tesco's for £1 sounds good to me and I'm going there anyway this morning 👍
08:16, Sun 22 Nov
Just hopped down to the local tesco to buy some Mr Kipling mince pies.

So lads what do you think- is it too early to start eating them now?


There is no wrong time to eat mince pies.

Home made (including home made filling) are the best.
23/01/20 Mad: I'll stop moaning now.
11:13, Sun 22 Nov
My old dear has been baking them for the past month, i'm sick of them already.