19:18, Sat 28 Nov
With Steve Gibsons Millions was that a real achievement or would any half competent manager have achieved that?

Have Derby?

19:19, Sat 28 Nov
Mario kempes 78
Before he's shown the door I reckon, karanka is proper awful wrong choice again and again from dong... Please go and get Paul cook we missed the boat last time with warnock so let that be a lesson...

You make this post every 3 games.

Getting boring mate, grow up.
19:20, Sat 28 Nov
If you look where we finished last season. And the run of form we were on. Karanka's done ok. Obviously the performances have been poor.

Judge him after this Christmas period.
19:22, Sat 28 Nov
Whilst I acknowledge thats true and I recognise we aren't going to concede that many goals, I have rarely 'enjoyed' any part of this season so far to be honest.

The odd brief stint in some of the games has been okay, but on the whole it isn't enjoyable.
19:23, Sat 28 Nov
Of course it needs improving upon and I think it will, given the time that a few on here don't seem willing to give.
You really think our squad as he found it - confidence shot, no morale, worst form in Europe, heads down after the first few minutes hasn't had any bearing on his approach to sorting us out?
19:24, Sat 28 Nov
The enjoyment has been sporadic. I think I’m used to it
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
19:25, Sat 28 Nov
I've become ambivalent towards us at the moment. Probably won't go down and no chance of promotion.
19:29, Sat 28 Nov
I've become ambivalent towards us at the moment. Probably won't go down and no chance of promotion.

100% this. We’re a mid table team.
19:30, Sat 28 Nov
I've become ambivalent towards us at the moment. Probably won't go down and no chance of promotion.

100% this. We’re a mid table team.

We're not even that, yet.
19:30, Sat 28 Nov
I think it's over exaggerated at times. You only have to look at the likes of what Rowett (yes, him) did with lesser players when he first came in. That's what good coaches can do.

If Karanka was that good why didn't anyone else take him on for a year and a half post Forest ? He's a good organiser of defences yes but there's more to football than that
19:33, Sat 28 Nov
Dan could not agree more,a few weeks ago that idiot Newbon was speculating about the Bellingham inheritance.Do not people understand the financial hole this club is in?.We have to work with very tight constraints so I think that the there will not be a spending spree in the next window.
19:35, Sat 28 Nov
Ok, we'll see. Could argue the toss all night, but time will tell.
19:36, Sat 28 Nov
People are talking about us being poor post-lockdown, but we have been awful for a lot longer than that:

2016-17 finished 19th with 53 points
2017-18 finished 19th with 46 points
2018-19 finished 17th with 52 points (after points reduction)
2019-20 finished 20th with 50 points

This is a club that has been dysfunctional for years. Yes, the football is turgid at the moment, but we need to get a bit of resilience and become hard to beat again. I believe we are seeing signs of that happening. I hope we can then move on to play a more expansive style of football.

Whether Karanka is able to take us to that next level remains to be seen but expecting him to turn it around in a couple of months is unrealistic - especially in this Corona season with no fans in the stadium and a truncated pre-season.

As long as we're not in serious danger of relegation we need to stick with him; we need to get the basics in place. If we get rid of him, we have to start the process all over again. And who would we get in? Quite a few on here were hoping we'd appoint Chris Hughton in the summer, but he's not exactly setting the world alight at Forest at the moment. And that with a team that just missed the play-offs last season.

Now is not the time to panic - changing manager every few months is a large part of the reason why we've struggled over the last few years.

Let's be patient and give Karanka more time to turn things around. KRO
19:36, Sat 28 Nov
You might be arguing, I'm just asking a question or two, unanswered I note. I wonder why 😂
19:37, Sat 28 Nov
My in law’s are all Boro fans, and they’ve constantly said that he’ll makes Blues solid, and defensive sound, once he’s happy with that he’ll move on to the attack. Even then it won’t be free flowing attacking football, but it will be effective.
After speaking to them, I’m confident he’ll get it right, but it’ll take time.
Any manager needs a minimum of 18 months to bring in his changes... so expect a few more months of this before things move forward.