12:44, Tue 12 Jan
Worcester Blue
Leeds in brum
We would probably loan out a few of our younger players if it's to a club that play football a certain way....I'm not really sure how brum set up for games these days tbh.

Imagine how Bielsa plays. Full of attacking flair, constant pressure and energy, exciting...

Then imagine the opposite. Slow, lethargic, zero attacking threat, can't defend or attack.

He'd be better off at Barnsley tbf. Depressing to even type that but they gave us a footballing lesson (although most teams have)

From what I've seen on TV, Barnsley are playing some lovely football and are on a fairly decent run of form under a new manager

Moving to us would probably be a backward step for Mowatt even if we were in for him

Do people think BCFC are a big pull for players?

I wouldn't of said big pull but surely you can nab the likes of mowatt from a club like Barnsley.

It's sad to to see tbh, I hated seeing shit clubs like Bournemouth in the premier league whilst leeds were in the same state your lot are in now....you will get back on track lads, keep the faith!
12:51, Tue 12 Jan
Considering how much we paid them for Roberts they should do us a cut price Mowatt/Woodrow double.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
23:44, Tue 12 Jan
but even with a good manager- Monk- this lot did concede quite a few goals.


Jesus! Things must be bad if you consider monk a good manager.
08:11, Wed 13 Jan
He didn't do anything groundbreaking but he got us back to basics and got the most from the players. I'm struggling to think of any player who didn't raise their game under Monk, which is what good managers do.

It was a shame with the manner he left because I think he was a good fit here and there was an outside chance he may have succeeded in the long run, but ultimately he effed up, allegedly.
08:32, Wed 13 Jan
Monk and Rowett were much the same in that respect.
Good man managers that can get the most from what they have.
AK on the other hand looks a mess in comparison when it comes to using his resources.Throwing players at it more with hope than expectation.

Mowatt would be perfect for Blues I reckon.
09:30, Wed 13 Jan
Agree on all fronts.

It's kind of ironic that people will refer to Karanka as a master tactician and he is generally seen in a higher calibre than the likes of Monk and Rowett, but when you strip everything back and give those managers a pool of players to use, I know which ones I'd back to coach more from the players he has.

It's been widely remarked about Karanka previously that he needs a huge sum of cash to be a success. I've seen absolutely nothing to dispel that myth so far.
09:41, Wed 13 Jan
Leeds in brum
but even with a good manager- Monk- this lot did concede quite a few goals.


Jesus! Things must be bad if you consider monk a good manager.[/quote]

Imagine not thinking he was good for us. Mental.
“Oh Nikola Zigic”
09:43, Wed 13 Jan
Nikola Zigic
At what point do you start to realise a lot of our players are crap, DES?

We've had pretty much the same back four since Redknapp came in, with the only change being Pedersen and Morrison being a regular for a spell.

Colin- Dean- Roberts- Pedersen

And yet we've splurged the thick end of £10m on that four. We've wasted an absolute bucketload of cash since Rowett was sacked on some awful plodders haven't we.

Our purchasing by and large has been appalling! But its up to Karanka to get a tune out of the players we have here, not bring more in at the moment.


Definitely agree with Rasputin and I do partially agree with you Des too.

I would like to think Karanka can get more out of what he has, certainly more than a relegation battle. As has been mentioned elsewhere, Monk had that back four performing well at times and had the lowest goals conceded out of the managers who had to pick them.

Rowett had a much poorer back four on the cusp of the playoffs and ended up with two good top ten finishes.

I don't expect Karanka to come in and push for the top six with defenders that aren't good enough, I do expect him to be a better coach than he's showing though.
“Oh Nikola Zigic”
09:52, Wed 13 Jan
Yeah, agree with that
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
09:56, Wed 13 Jan
There’s a young striker at Wigan, Kyle Joseph, scored a hat trick in Wigan’s last game and is supposedly available for about 500k. Only 20 and pretty low risk
17:18, Wed 13 Jan
This kids the answer, apparently

But does he run and kick?

Is every second touch a foul or throw in?