22:47, Tue 12 Jan
roger hynd
Is Adam Clayton your love child?

I would say can you find us some more shit Spanish footballers or have we been allocated our full quota?
( political satire👏)

22:48, Tue 12 Jan
1 question.......
are you taking the P*ss?

"What are the specifics of your partnership with Dong? In 10,000 words or less" I want my money's worth
23:23, Tue 12 Jan
What is the name of your agent? and how many of the players you bought are affilated with that agent or teh company they work for?

(paranoid after hearing the shenanigans that go on and how shit people like Clayton have been and how ill-suited San Jose appears to be so far)
23:55, Tue 12 Jan
Is George your Friend ?
00:54, Wed 13 Jan
Can I have a game?
01:29, Wed 13 Jan
Can I borrow 500 quid?
01:53, Wed 13 Jan
Why are you pretending Hogan was your signing?
09:19, Wed 13 Jan
Can you lend me £10?

I can't stand Mr Crosby's cooking any longer, so need a pizza.
09:21, Wed 13 Jan
Tripe, yes or no ?
09:40, Wed 13 Jan
Monk or Rowett?
10:04, Wed 13 Jan
When are we unleashing Bernard sun on the championship.
10:04, Wed 13 Jan
What would it be??

If you were a cheese, what kind would you be and why?
Welcome to the Brexit sir, I'm sorry. Now give me your ham sandwich.
10:07, Wed 13 Jan
Dairy Lea triangle, cos I’m sofisticated 🧀
14:41, Wed 13 Jan
Where’s crude lately?
Edit - Just noticed he’s posted on here
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
14:54, Wed 13 Jan
What would it be?

Red sauce or Brown