00:31, Sat 16 Jan
Rowley Regis train station hour before kick off, millions of us. Well, least 10 anyway.
00:55, Sat 16 Jan
Test match, Brisbane.
01:54, Sat 16 Jan
I live in Perth and once sat down at a Perth glory game and in my section there was not 1 but 3! Blues shirts. Only problem is there seems to be quite a few Villa here too
02:46, Sat 16 Jan
About 20 years ago I overtook a boy of about 12 riding a bike on a small country lane just south of Carlingford Lough.
He was wearing a football shirt which turned out to be a Blues shirt. Most unexpected.
05:25, Sat 16 Jan
2 incidents that I recall.
Once in 1986 when I was doing the Nou Camp, Barcelona stadium tour, wearing my 85/86 Blues home top I bumped into another lad who not only had the same top on as me but he looked like my twin brother! I have the photo buried somewhere.
Then in 2018 me and the family are sitting in a beachside restaurant in Valencia, Spain when in front of me a young lad with a new 18/19 home Blues top (it had only been out about 2 weeks) goes past on his bike. I shouted "up the Blues," he kind of looked at me and waved and that was it, he looked Spanish though not like a tourist.
07:16, Sat 16 Jan
Was in Belo Horizonte in Brazil and a Brazilian lad walked passed me in a triton showers home shirt.

We got chatting - he was Brazilian but visited Birmingham in the 90’s and they had been his club ever since.

He was in his 30’s but the shirt was given to him by an adult so it meant he had a perfectly fitting shirt just from 20 years ago.
07:32, Sat 16 Jan
Kangaroo Island, South Australia
Blue since 67 - Will be there at the end of the road, whenever that may be!
07:35, Sat 16 Jan
The Dolphin Inn - Costa Teguise, Lanzarote.


I've been in there,and my Daughter separately, lovely bloke,what a view from inside too.

08:19, Sat 16 Jan
Hermanus Bay, South Africa. My wife seemed surprised I stopped for a chat with him.
08:21, Sat 16 Jan
was spending time travelling round the beautiful country of Australia

was walking through a random precinct in Brisbane and this blue vision appeared before me

as the guy walked past i started singing Keep Right On, he joined in and the rest of the Aussie locals thought we were nutters

little did they know they were in the presence of a legendary FC

Keep Right On!
08:52, Sat 16 Jan
Whilst living in South Korea, some friends and I discovered a town that shuts down for the day and everyone has a huge water fight (it sounds bizarre, I know!). Open-backed vans (maybe they’re called ‘Utes’) with water in the back section (if you can picture what Im describing) drive slowly up and down the streets; people dip a bucket in the get a refill.

It was great fun! Hundreds of people in a water fight!!! Well, amidst all of the chaos, I spotted 3 Korean girls - I’d say they were 12 years old - wearing Blues tops!! I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! I approached them and tried to find out why; alas, I spoke little Korean at this time and they spoke no English, thus the mystery remained!! Got a photo though!!
"we don't even know why we're here - we're all just wandering around, doing daft things, killing time, until we die; that's why Frisbee's been invented..." (Karl Pilkington 2013)
10:12, Sat 16 Jan
Hanoi in 2019
10:16, Sat 16 Jan
1994 World Cup Final, Los Angeles!
10:22, Sat 16 Jan
The Dolphin Inn - Costa Teguise, Lanzarote.


Aah that's the one with the Vile top in the sharks mouth,apparently the owner is a right obnoxious prick according to one of the waitresses
10:22, Sat 16 Jan
A traffic warden in Malta nice bloke, didn't have to pay for parking that day.