19:31, Sat 16 Jan
Went and bought one today all above board with the latest regs and all that having it fitted in a few weeks... Anyway what's the sha possie take on them if any of you have one.... I've seen all these eco logs for sale along with plenty of other stuff you can buy online... Just wondering what other people use as there fuel for for them hardwood or softwood etc etc.

Up the blues
19:38, Sat 16 Jan
I use smokeless ovals on mine & kiln dried hardwood logs.

Love it to bits, nothing better than sitting by it with the dogs & a whisky on a winters night.
19:45, Sat 16 Jan
Had one about 10yrs multi fuel burner. Soft wood for kindling, burns fast. [[b]u]Seasoned[/u[/b]] hardwood ie: Oak&Ash are best but can be expensive ( if you can't pick up for free. Takes a fair bit of work and you need a lot of wood but love mine. Use it in conjunction with my central heating. Make sure your wood is seasoned..enjoy
19:49, Sat 16 Jan
Cheers... Sounds very positive
19:55, Sat 16 Jan
Every couple of months we get a build up of pallets and sell them off on gumtree and the amount of people that buy them to chop up for wood burners is unbelievable. (50p a pallet and we give the money to a local RDA charity)

The other main use for em these days seems to be to make furniture. People have got creative.
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19:56, Sat 16 Jan
Had mine for 10 years, if you’ve got a multi fuel stove use Taybrite it burns for hours and hours, if not hardwood every time, softwood just burns away too quickly also once it’s burning turn the air intake right down otherwise you’ll spend a fortune on wood. Oh and get a fan they really make a difference
20:09, Sat 16 Jan
I read an article recently that they are a pollutant and bad for your health, not to intentionally piss on your chips.
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20:12, Sat 16 Jan
We buy logs, more than we need. The ones we are using now we bought 2 years ago. Use no more than 4 or 5 a night and we don't have any other heating on
21:38, Sat 16 Jan
Kiln dried bags of logs get mine from home bargains at £4.99 a bag one big log burns for an hour great value,buy bags not netting as they are dry,as the netting ones wont burn.
21:39, Sat 16 Jan
We have had one for 6 years, wouldn't be without it, kicks out loads of heat, it's multifuel but we only burn coal, I get plenty of pallets for cutting and chopping up for sticks, we love it.
22:32, Sat 16 Jan
There was one in our Conservatory when we moved in here, June 2017. It was ancient, not efficient in the slightest, old fashioned, and of course had no insulation on it so if Little Marvin touched it...

So we had our Conservatory pretty much knocked down and rebuilt in Sept 2019. It was a wooden frame, bought as a kit from Wickes, apparently. It was rotten as eff. It had a lean-to roof, so we had some of the bricks taken off the wall and this went past the chimney for the log burner so we took it out.

We went to look for a replacement, fairly local to us - just off Brettell Lane in Stourbridge. We spent 20 minutes listening to the proprietor telling his mate his Porsche 911 cost £600 to service, but his Range Rover Sport cost over £1100. We got a quote, but it was going to cost us over £3000 for a burner, chimney, and installation.

So - we had a big radiator in the kitchen moved into the Conservatory and if someone is in there we put a halogen heater in there too. I loved the log burner smell and the heat it gave off but the price of them is extortionate, and a luxury that we don't need. When I win (and enter) the lottery.
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22:45, Sat 16 Jan
Jon Bass
I read an article recently that they are a pollutant and bad for your health, not to intentionally piss on your chips.

If you use pallets (I dont) that have been treated they are definitely bad for your health. They should be checked for safety code...
Newer British, Canadian and American pallets, for example, are largely safe as most are heat- or pressure-treated rather than being fumigated with chemicals. Pallets must now have the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) logo and are typically marked with a country code, unique number and either HT or MB.
We bought this one [chesneys.co.uk]. Throws out too much heat if I'm honest. I bought a load of kiln dried logs a couple of years ago and have still got over half of them. Buy a stove fan as that will disperse the heat around the room. Buy ash logs. Choke the fire down once it's ablaze and the flames will do a slow dance 👍 One piece of advice; don't store logs next to the stove, they look nice but could catch fire from the heat of the stove.
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00:00, Sun 17 Jan
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