12:27, Sun 17 Jan
I'm sure it's been done before,so forgive me if it has.What was the first single ep and album .Mine were 1st singles plural Reach out 4tops I'm losing you Temptations ,ep Magical mystery tour Album Otis blue .I'm sure these tell you my generation 3rd single.
12:31, Sun 17 Jan
Single: I Could Be Happy by Altered Images
EP: The Antmusic EP by Adam & The Ants
LP: Kings Of The Wild Frontier by Adam & The Ants
12:37, Sun 17 Jan
First LP I bought with my own paper round money?
Gary Glitters debut album!!
And I saw him live at the Whispering Wheels rollerdrome in Wolvo around the same time😳
12:40, Sun 17 Jan
First single Wishing Well- Free
First album For Your Pleasure - Roxy Music
12:41, Sun 17 Jan
Yes might have been done but it's a good one so here goes , Brige over Troubled Water was mine ! Got it from Woolworths in Northfield ,
12:50, Sun 17 Jan
First single was England world cup squad - This Time, first album I think was Boney M that i would have been bought for Christnas.
SHA's Resident Estate Agent
12:54, Sun 17 Jan
single DONT BRING ME DOWN by The Pretty things, absolutely no idea why, not my type of music.
LP Otis live at The Whisky a go go Los Angeles, Still love it!

Last single I bought Aretha Franklin & George Michael, knew you wete waiting
Last LP Purple Rain Prince.

13:06, Sun 17 Jan
First single. Apeman by The Kinks
First album. Transformer by Lou Reed.
13:10, Sun 17 Jan
First single. Bits n pieces. Dave Clark five

First album. Through the past darkly. Rolling Stones
i was Eleven when i got the First single (although i didn't buy it) i actually got it for my mom for mothers day - This old heart of mine - Rod Stewart cover version.
First album i got was 'In the City' - The Jam.
First EP - cost of living - The Clash
13:30, Sun 17 Jan
First single - Madness, Our House (Woolworths at the Yew Tree)
First Album - David Bowie, Aladdin Sane on cassette from a kid at school
First vinyl album - Family Cat, Tell ‘em we’re surfin’ (from Piccadilly Records in Manchester) didn’t have a record player at the time...
First cd - Hüsker Dü, Warehouse songs and stories (from the defunct Plastic Factory on Corporation street)

Been a few of each format since then!
13:33, Sun 17 Jan
Boogie Nights by Heatwave
13:50, Sun 17 Jan
First single: Cottonfields by the Beach Boys, around 1969/70. Went into the shop to buy Something by the Beatles, but they didn’t have it so I bought that crock of shite instead.
First album, not sure but probably a Beatles album- Hard Day’s Night or With the Beatles; again around 69/70.
14:20, Sun 17 Jan
See My Baby Jive - Wizzard

Dark Side of The Moon. Still one of the best Albums ever.
14:27, Sun 17 Jan
Pearly Dewdrops
See My Baby Jive - Wizzard

Dark Side of The Moon. Still one of the best Albums ever.

Classic album.