22:02, Wed 17 Feb
Why then? There’s been too much dithering already. The rot needs to be stopped now.
22:03, Wed 17 Feb
Agreed, hoping he has already been sacked.
22:09, Wed 17 Feb
Hearing the 3 year plan has been ripped up.

It's now a 5 and half year plan
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
22:10, Wed 17 Feb
Two further defeats, anyone still want to stick with our glorious leader Karanka?

A few ... (not me) ... see here ... [www.strawpoll.me]
22:20, Wed 17 Feb
I cannot see it working. But I think they will give him the Sheffield Wednesday game.

Which could be crucial come the end of the season.

Come on is there anyone still sticking?

Rolandweary come on down
23:16, Wed 17 Feb
I agree with you. But knowing the people who run the club that is how I expect them to act - but hope they prove me wrong
23:20, Wed 17 Feb
At what point does Dong actually take into account the feelings of the fans, surely he isn’t that stupid to think Karanka has any support left, someone above him must be concerned where we heading
00:33, Thu 18 Feb
I wanted to stick with him but over the last 3 games, it's become increasingly apparent that it's not going to work. The hope was we could sign a few players in January that he wanted and the better performances we were putting in would start to earn us a few more points. Unfortunately, things seem to have gone downhill and he's now in panic mode and is throwing different tactics, styles and players out there and hoping something works.

Dropping into the relegation places should be the kick in the arse they need to get themselves sorted and start fighting for this. The manager should keep a calm head and lead by example telling the players that if they work hard and follow his instructions, we'll get out of this. That's clearly not happening. By trying out different formations and lineups in the hope that he gets lucky, he's demonstrating that there is no plan for them to follow.
01:06, Thu 18 Feb
Fair play to you, Pete. I respect your loyalty to the manager which, in principle, is a good position to take until you reach a point of no return.

I never wanted AK, but I supported him (with increasing difficulty) until a month ago. Personally, I felt there was enough evidence by then to justify saying Adios.

Several regular posters who kept telling us that it “will all be fine” have been strangely sat on a fence lately. A bit like Dong.

Blues will always be bigger than any individual, and it’s a shame that Dong and Karanka can’t see that. They are negative, incompetent influences who both need to be removed forthwith. Let’s give ourselves a realistic chance of staying up, and not let them take us down.
06:29, Thu 18 Feb
It's clear now that the players here were never going to get results playing how he wanted. We've looked good at times but rarely have we looked effective.

Karanka's biggest issue is that in the face of the above, he lacked the intelligence of ability to do anything else. We didn't know that when he arrived but it's obvious that he is a one dimensional manager.

His system only works when the players are much better than the league's average. As proved in the prem, it completely fails when the players are lower than most in their league. You could therefore argue that actually Karanka's system is just not very good.
07:17, Thu 18 Feb
Which is the biggest justification as to why he needs to go and go now. He has signed more than a full team so if he can't get a tune out of a team that he should have signed with his system in mind, he won't get a tune out of one where he is playing players that don't fit his system.
SHA's Resident Estate Agent
07:26, Thu 18 Feb
Agreed- if he stays we're down.

If he goes then we have a chance of survival, it's that simple.
07:36, Thu 18 Feb
Just watched his post match, one comment in particular stands out as showing just how clueless he is

Q - You made 5 changes tonight with wing-backs what was the thinking there?

A - The first thing was the shape because I knew it was going to be difficult to play here, they are really good & really strong, they're not the team that used to be long ball, second ball now they know how to do that
but they also know how to play good football
and they are really aggressive & really really good

The killer line though is - They had 7 or 8 players who were here last year so now they know how to play together........perhaps he'd like to tell us what the point of training is?

He worries about a team because they have the same players as last year & they were a tough team to beat because they knew how to play football in 2 different ways!!! shock horror, how dare they.....you really couldn't make it up
07:43, Thu 18 Feb
I thought he was referring to the blues team as having eight in it from last season. It actually did.
07:47, Thu 18 Feb
One Riley
I thought he was referring to the blues team as having eight in it from last season. It actually did.

He says, I thought maybe they played 7, 8 players who were here last year.

Cheating see playing a team that has players from last year who are used to playing with each other...his interviews really are the mutterings of a man with no idea