19:14, Mon 22 Feb
Nikola Zigic
Or both?

Good point
20:57, Mon 22 Feb
Yeah my viler mate told me on Friday Greasy had a stress fracture and would be out for around six weeks. He pointed out that loads of vile players had taken him out of their fantasy teams as further proof. Part of me thought they could be bluffing but I perhaps credited them with too much intelligence.

Wasn’t that the length of time he was out with the previous two “shin splint injuries”...

Might be less time with this one. The games are more frequent
21:10, Mon 22 Feb
roger hynd
Le Mod
Yeah, Smith is lying, the Villa physio removed Grealish from his fantasy football team on Thursday.


"I haven't confirmed or not confirmed what injury he's got. I've just said he's got an injury."


"Could be. It could be a thigh injury as well."

Seems a bit suspicious, usually managers don't hide whereabouts an injury is.

Why the big secrecy if its a bog standard football injury??

Either bacon face is the most snidiest effer in the history of football or there's something more sinister here
(Wink wink nudge nudge)

I feel like if it was something more sinister they would probably have their stories straight.
21:16, Mon 22 Feb
I feel like if it's a shin injury they'd say it was a shin injury.
Getting uppity about a simple question is pretty strange
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
21:21, Mon 22 Feb
Smith knows why greasy was missing, any other manager would have answered the questions and given straight answers, trust me it's more sinister than a shin injury and that fecker Smith knows the score
21:26, Mon 22 Feb
If it’s sinister, no manager would answer honest...
We have first hand experience with the Scottish manager
21:30, Mon 22 Feb
If it’s sinister, no manager would answer honest...
We have first hand experience with the Scottish manager
I meant given clear answers, is it a shin injury, is it a thigh injury, or is it something else, Smith was uncomfortable in that interview, was grealish even at the stadium on Sunday, they showed matt cash in the stands, surely if greasy was there the cameras would have been on him more than once, the whole thing is shady as feck, Smith is a cunning fecker, sly as they come
21:30, Mon 22 Feb
That team is on a downward spiral this season , the greasy bacon combo is going to leave them with egg on their faces,

ooh they put me right off my breakfast they do.
21:34, Mon 22 Feb
Even Merson said they are a relegation team without him, most over rated team I have ever seen, wish they would lose all their games and get relegated, not a bleeding chance of that happening though, remember after 4 games most of their fans were thinking the premier title and doing a Leicester lmao
22:03, Mon 22 Feb
The reason Southgate wouldn't touch him with a barge pole for ages must have been down to something other than footballing reasons imo
Hopefully his euro dreams are over if he's been a fanny yet again
22:09, Mon 22 Feb

A club captain would be at the ground unless told he couldn’t be...
22:24, Mon 22 Feb
Smith is an horrible bloke, he looks snidey , he speaks snidey, and thinks he is better than he is, he has had over £300 million to spend if you include wages, they are still no better than teams like Southampton, Leeds etc. There is definitely something about that Smith that don't ring true, hopefully he will get his headlines in the papers soon, about how he defends unreasonable behaviour, and laughs and jokes about his players knowing they are doing wrong, proper cretin that bloke
22:58, Mon 22 Feb
Somehow he will squirm his way in. The media love him and Southgate will come under immense pressure to select him.
01:15, Tue 23 Feb
Somehow he will squirm his way in. The media love him and Southgate will come under immense pressure to select him.
Of course he will, when you've got the slyest manager ever to grace the English Premier league defending his every bad action, making him look innocent at every incident he is involved in, lockdown breaches, car crashes have you ever heard Smith even trying to condemn his actions
05:02, Tue 23 Feb
The fantasy football issue, I thought that personal teamselections do not open for others to see untill about 2 hours from when that weeks games start. So why all the fuss about ITKers deselecting him on Thursday, surely this would not be seen untill its too late anyway.
I realise villa were playing on Sunday but it still seems a little far fetched that everyone would realise that "staff members" were the only ones who dropped him en-masse.
It's easier to beg forgiveness than ask for permission.