the ferret
i remember that bolton game under fry like it was yesterday.

jimmy phillips back pass went past the keeper and looked for the world as though it was going in before it was cleared off the line.

there was needle with bolton in that era. i was at a game in the early 90's when we lost 3-1 up there. i'd say no more than 400 blues and we were run everywhere.

different story the next season when the old bill feared blues would turn up mob handed to seek revenge and switched the kick off to a sunday morning. thousands of blues turned up anyway many of us still out from the night before.

Yep, at the 3-1 too. Drenched on the open terrace and chased into Bolton Station after

Similar ding dong with Brizzle city after many getting done at Ashton Gate, August 89. Murder at the 0-4 return game.

Blues v sheff u was another needle one that went on for ages I recall. Mid 80s to late 90s/early oo's it was still going on
Was at Bristol City as well in 1989. It was our first game in the old third division and Blues were ill prepared.
It didn't take too long to work out that you couldn't just turn up at those places and not expect a welcoming committee.
Wouldn't swap those days for anything though.
"supporters should be patient a little while longer - sunshine days are just around the corner."
Ken Wheldon - March 18th 1988
I've got a couple of mates who are Charlton fans so I like them.

I dont mind certain opposition fans coming on our board, the Borofan and Sheff Utd fan for example.
Back in my 20s I was on an outward bound course in the lake district. Towards the end we did an overnight stay out on the hills (November), with walking,rowing etc. It was freezing that night and following setting up the camp, the gub was put on. It was crap dried stuff. So about four of us decided we had enough of this and walked down into the town and a local pub. We got totally pissed and have a couple of miles to walk back in the cold. So on the way the one lad teaches us the Pompey chimes and I teach them KRO. Two of the lads were from Cumbria, so had no footy songs.
So always had a soft spot for Pompey.
21:32, Mon 22 Feb
Yep i was there, there was fighting across the barriers at the station, they also pelted us with nuts, bolts and washers, had a couple of souvenir washers for years after.
21:33, Mon 22 Feb
That's 'cos we were a big draw for that leagues firms, as we would be next year if we went diown this season.
09:28, Tue 23 Feb
Our first game in the 3rd, at Bolton, there was no trouble. The Bolton grudge started when a small number of them got picked off and bullied by St Andrews. They then put on the welcoming committee for our next trip up (Gayle scored).

Shit ground, half bred fans and an awful place, but fair play to 'em.
09:54, Tue 23 Feb
there was definitely trouble in our first game at division 3 at burnden park. not many blues there that day and i almost ended up down the embankment.

we lost 3-1 and colin gordon scored for blues.
"supporters should be patient a little while longer - sunshine days are just around the corner."
Ken Wheldon - March 18th 1988
13:11, Tue 23 Feb
Norwich fans are fab
Ended up back at the Cayo Arms after the play off final - mainly Norwich fans in there - great crack for a couple of hours I never had to buy a drink - they seemed genuinely chuffed for us and the fact that Ipswich had been relegated helped their mood

One of the great things about Norwich in the mid-late 1990's it was one of the few places where you never saw a single copper until you got right near to the ground - none of the heavy handedness you used to get in the days when I sometimes went on the official coaches or used the trains to get there just for the game and a few drinks

These days with us all getting older and Norwich being so bloody far away we end up making a weekend of it when we go there - dozens of amazing boozers