11:48, Thu 5 Aug
Being done a hundred times before but I'm hoping somebody can tell me I've got it all wrong and there's a plethora of stations worthy of my attention out there.

Like tv, we’re all going down the streams of our choice route now that cars are equipped to do so. I’ve still got time for irreverence and the unexpected that radio can offer, especially when I’m driving which I do quite a lot of. The time I can tolerate any given station for is decreasing by the day though and I spend more time waiting for the internet radio to connect with a station than I actually do listening to one.

6 Music: I was a fanboy for a long time but there’s a bit too much dance type stuff being played for me. The rave generation has hit its 40s and they need something reminisce about while they mundanely big box/little box their way through the day. I can take it in small-medium doses but some of it is just shyte and shouldn’t be anywhere near a public service broadcaster.

Virgin: Too commercial, too middle of the road, they don’t have ad breaks but then the station is just one long advert for Sky…and it’s got Chris Evans and his self-obsessed crew at the helm. I’m not even sure why I’ve put it on the list.

Local commercial radio: Dead for longer than I can remember

Union Jack: Started off promising but it’s sunken so low that they now play ads halfway through the songs and then go back to the song when the ad has finished.

Absolute: The most annoying DJs since the old and much derided Radio 1 jocks. The morning guy thinks that everything he says is funny.

Talk Sport: If the SHA poster known as ‘Mad’ had his own radio station, eh? It’s just people saying barmy things and trying to make out they're being serious.

Not including niche stations playing music made from power tools and heavy industry type noise samples, tell me there’s something different that I’m missing?
12:03, Thu 5 Aug

Posted this site before, good fun to flick around the globe and see what’s about.
Personally I’ve pretty much fecked off the radio. Spotify premium is your friend. Choose your fav songs, hit the radio button and let it roll.
Everything in moderation, even moderation.
12:16, Thu 5 Aug
I just randomly hit 2 stations. I got: 'music for one-way boat trips' a radio station based in Calais and a consumer affairs radio station based in Manchester; there's currently a bloke called Pep on complaining about something he's bought which won't stand up.
12:53, Thu 5 Aug
I have recently rediscovered that old joy of listening to full albums in the car rather than radio.

I see the appeal of putting together playlists so that you just have one song after another that you know you will like, but listening to a whole album is a different experience. Sure you will hear the odd filler, but you will also discover something else that you would otherwise have missed.

Because I have recently read Elvis Costello's autobiography, I have gone back in time and started listening to his entire back catalogue in chronological order. And that really is fascinating. Despite having had and heard the albums before, it's really interesting to hear how he developed and even after 40-odd years of loving his work I am still hearing songs and thinking "Feck me, how did i not appreciate this one before?"

This very morning, Man Called Uncle from Get Happy unexpectedly kicked me right in the nuts.

I perceive these days that a lot of people don't listen to many full albums, and if not - they are missing out. Unless it's a Coldplay album of course, because no good can come of that...
12:57, Thu 5 Aug
Union Jack: Started off promising but it’s sunken so low that they now play ads halfway through the songs and then go back to the song when the ad has finished.

I listen to UJ a lot and have never heard them do this???
Turn left when you get on a plane.