05:31, Tue 14 Sep
Notts league mate?

Good luck, I did a few seasons at u8 and u9 in Grantham league after a course of 3 evenings. Really tough at that age as most are unable to take throw ins etc.. Coaches and parents behaving as if they're semi pros.

Is Graham still in charge of the Nottingham youth League refs??

Not the youth league, the YEL on a Saturday (do u7s-u14s) and the notts girls league on a Sunday. Not sure who does the NYL, didn't fancy the stick from the u16s-18s just yet 😁
07:59, Tue 14 Sep
When I used to coach an under 15's team the lack of knowledge from referees bewildered me.

Our goalkeeper got a talking to and threatened with a booking for time wasting because he was waiting with the ball at his feet instead of picking it up straight away after a loose opposition pass.

Worse though was when the opposition took a corner and the ball swung out before coming back in and the referee ordered a retake as "the ball was never in play". Obviously they scored from the retake.
11:20, Tue 14 Sep
I’ve just started as well, also based in Notts 👍