15:40, Tue 14 Sep
I can see us slapping them about. 2-0 Blues. Colin, Hogan
15:49, Tue 14 Sep
1-3 for me.

It amazes me that Fulham and West Brom have managed to keep basically the same team as they got relegated with.
15:53, Tue 14 Sep
Blues coast another win 2-0!
15:57, Tue 14 Sep
Mitrovic x2
Aneke for us.
16:02, Tue 14 Sep
That's what parachute payments do for you. They need to be scrapped.
16:05, Tue 14 Sep
It’s going to be a significant test for us, that will show where we are

On paper, they should hammer us

I hope it’s a brilliant game, and would take a draw now.


Something in my water suggests we will turn it on and beat them. Easily
16:10, Tue 14 Sep
That's what parachute payments do for you. They need to be scrapped.

16:11, Tue 14 Sep
I'd be happy to be on 18 points after QPR. 7 points from the 4 games.
Fulham should be better than us so tomorrow is something of a free hit. Any points from it will be a bonus.
19:17, Tue 14 Sep
26 % possession

2-0 to us.
19:37, Tue 14 Sep
Be a good game tomorrow, good yardstick for us early on see where we’re at.


Deeney equaliser. Scenes.
20:22, Tue 14 Sep
They need to be shared out among all of the championship clubs
10:16, Wed 15 Sep
A win would be a massive statement, a draw would be acceptable and a defeat would be more disappointing than in previous years given the recent raise of expectation.

Forecast, with more than a little hope, 2-1. Hogan and Dean to score. Hogan to sniff one out, Dean on the end of a Roberts throw.
10:21, Wed 15 Sep
2-1 Blues. Have a feeling Chong will get of the mark tonight with a brace.
10:21, Wed 15 Sep

Blues take an early lead through Hogan

Fulham equalise late
10:34, Wed 15 Sep
Fulham 2-0

We will compete but this will be like the Bournemouth game.