11:15, Tue 14 Sep
"Mom, dad is on the lawn mower and he's crying"

"Don't worry love he's just going through a bit of a rough patch"
11:38, Tue 14 Sep
He's no Milton Jones
You know I love that violence that you get around here.
That kind of ready-steady violence. That violent 'how do you do'
11:57, Tue 14 Sep
They can both do really lame one-liners but every now and again there's something that really makes you laugh.

Tim Vine has got a really engaging personality and great rapport with the audience.
12:16, Tue 14 Sep
His 2014 Edinburgh Fringe winning joke..

I decided to sell my Hoover......well it was just sat in the corner collecting dust.

Very clever and very lame in equal measures
12:21, Tue 14 Sep
I find him mildly funny on some shows like not going out or a panel show. Stand up quite lame not my humour.
12:58, Tue 14 Sep
Tim Vine ..... My brother is as annoying as F*^k.