18:27, Fri 8 Oct
Anyone prepared to throw down their predictions?
Any betting tips?
Anyone staying up/getting up at 4am Sunday to watch it?
Everything in moderation, even moderation.
18:47, Fri 8 Oct
You can get Fury to win at evens instead of 1/3 at skybet. £10 max.
I think he’ll win in rounds 6 or 7 again
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
18:49, Fri 8 Oct
Fury is the best in the division but it’s heavyweight boxing so anything could happen.

I worry that cut from the Wallin fight could come back to haunt him against a better boxer than Wallin as that was a nasty one

If he’s on his game, and doesn’t get too cocky, he wins it’s as simple as in my opinion
19:08, Fri 8 Oct
Fury in round 5
19:45, Fri 8 Oct
Can’t see anything other than a Fury win. Not sure how though.
19:52, Fri 8 Oct
Fury on points, it will be a masterclass again.
20:04, Fri 8 Oct
For me,fury. Hopefully might get up to watch it on some stream. 🤭
20:17, Fri 8 Oct
Fury within 6 rounds.

Wilders only chance of winning is that I think Fury will be more aggressive to try and win by knockout which could let Wilder catch him with a big right.
20:23, Fri 8 Oct
Only person who beats fury is fury. Wilder does not and will not beat fury this weekend.
Fury ends it when he chooses.
21:53, Fri 8 Oct
Wilder has come in very heavy. Looks like he’s gonna come out swinging, I think he’s gonna gas

This is still a very dangerous fight, Fury has had personal issues during camp, overcome covid, and has been inactive (so has Wilder tbf) so he has to be switched on at all times

I’ll go with Fury to take him out in round 7 after Wilder completely gasses
21:56, Fri 8 Oct
I want and expect Fury to do it comfortably. I’ll still do my usual bets covering the underdog, Wilder each round. He’s got a punchers chance and Will Hill are offering 16/1 on points at the lowest odds going up to 80/1 in round 12.

Gone are the days of staying up drinking. It’ll be an alarm clock and a coffee at 4am and then back to bed😁
....very potty mouth weigh-in, dropped the C-bomb....bet the early evening US audience were thrilled.
I think Fury has climbed his Everest, and feels he has nothing left to prove.
I dont think he’s motivated for this rematch, so Wilder late or on points.
Good luck to Brad Foster from Lichfield tomorrow as well.


A bloke I work with is his mate. He’s a proper nice down to earth bloke by all accounts and a very good young boxer.