12:49, Tue 12 Oct
So was Jerome and Donaldson but both were big strong and fast and could get themselves about and occasionally find the net, even if he can chip in with 5-8 goals a season off the bench I’ll take it at this point.
12:54, Tue 12 Oct
Yeah you’re right, he is an absolute unit but whenever it gets near him in the box he ends up falling over his own or somebody elses legs - see Barnsley miss, Luton goal and I think v Preston at home?
13:09, Tue 12 Oct
He looks ok in the few minutes i’ve seen of him. You can talk about misses but even the best struggle when they’re only getting 10 mins here & there.

I know it’s only a youtube clip (attached) but he seems to be comfortable finishing with either peg & some of those passes look pretty good. Also he was at Arsenal once upon a time & has some England caps so he must have technical ability???

Maybe it’s an attitude or fitness issue…..,

13:14, Tue 12 Oct
And another clip with two great free kicks as well..,

13:23, Tue 12 Oct
Maybe it’s an attitude or fitness issue…..

There's always an accusation of an attitude issue whenever we discuss certain players on here.
13:30, Tue 12 Oct
It wasn’t an accusation just a hypothesis.