21:14, Thu 14 Oct
Do you happen to have a spaniel?
07:17, Fri 15 Oct

Loyal despite the regular kicks up the jacksie from Bill Sykes.
12:14, Fri 15 Oct
Do you happen to have a spaniel?

He's got some spaniel in him. And Jack Russell and some other stuff 😁
That was liquid football!
After recent events a hangdog to match my expression1
01:18, Sat 16 Oct
Harsh. Not quite dead but, euthanising would be the kind thing to do

05:06, Sat 16 Oct
If Blues was a dog they would put it down
12:20, Sat 16 Oct
Dougie Bell
Last night, my dog nicked my chip butty off my plate when i had put it down on the arm of the setee to go and answer the door. On nice crusty bread too.
Two nights previous, i fell asleep watching tv, woke up and decided to get up to bed quick while i was still drowsy. Before i went up I opened the back door to let my dog up the garden for a bedtime wizz. He promptly found a fox turd and in record time was rolling around in it. He stunk. Really stunk, with big clods of kack in his long fur. So, at 11.30 at night, wanting only to be asleep, I was scrubbing the little fecker down in the shower with a bottle of shampoo, followed by the obligatory wet dog running around the house all excited.

So, what I'm trying to say is Blues are like my dog. I love them dearly, I really do. But they try their best to make me not love them.

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