21:05, Tue 12 Oct
Reading online seems we only had ten men as Kane Sterling Mount Grealish were no good tonight
21:49, Tue 12 Oct
Kane was absolute mince tonight. Genuinely awful. Offered nothing.

All players have piss poor games, this was one of his. He'll find form again and we should still qualify as group winners regardless.

Grealish was the best player on the pitch tonight (before Southgate took him off, which in itself was a stupid decision), and more troublingly, now he's not wearing a villa top I'm starting to come to terms with the fact Jack Grealish is fecking gorgeous. Help
21:58, Tue 12 Oct
Lets face it we're never going to win a major tournament with Southgate in charge.
22:05, Tue 12 Oct
No idea why he was subbed. Played great
05:21, Wed 13 Oct
Lets face it we're never going to win a major tournament with Southgate in charge.

Agreed. I mean, look at all those penalties he missed in the shoot-out in the last final we got to.
08:59, Wed 13 Oct
So, that was at their place.
09:38, Wed 13 Oct
Super Hans
When Hungary are at their best like tonight they’re very hard to break down, fair play to them.

At the end of the day it’s a freak penalty that’s stopped us from winning.

Questions have to be asked about Southgates subs again, we looked a lot more flat when Grealish went off.

I agree, I was hoping that Southgate would do something clever to show that he is learning to change games that aren't going well. Taking Grealish off with 30 minutes to go was weird, he had clearly been our most dangerous player. I know Sterling had a poor game by his standards for England but replacing him with Henderson was strange. Abraham doesn't look international class to me, Watkins would have been a better sub.
09:48, Wed 13 Oct
There has been a clamour to play Mount and Foden in Midfield rather than roles further forward. I think yesterday demonstrated that this is not s=necessarily a good move.
10:09, Wed 13 Oct
I've lost a bit of faith in Mount, he seems to have gone crap lately. I thought Jude, Mount and Foden was the future but am thinking Jude, Foden and Phillips or Rice now.
10:11, Wed 13 Oct
Bellingham, Rice, Foden, for me Tom.
10:20, Wed 13 Oct
Another way to look at it is we played Stones who has barely figured for his club this season, Mings who isn't his clubs best English centre half, Shaw has been meh this season, we missed Philips, Foden is only just back from injury, Sterling is a sub a lot more for Man City recently, Kane apparently is struggling in the Premier League.

Would still be expected to win though eight times out of ten
10:30, Wed 13 Oct
That was the first qualifier at home we hadn't won since 2012, that's not too shabby.
10:37, Wed 13 Oct
Dread to think the reaction when we do lose at home
10:47, Wed 13 Oct
Prob won't be for a while now, unless we freeze v Albania.

Every team has games like last night. What I would say is that it has done Jude no harm at all as he increasingly looks like the kid who can solve that midfield single/double pivot argument as he can attack and defend. He surely has to be a regular by the time Qatar comes round.