17:24, Fri 22 Oct

I really enjoyed this. Honest as ever
17:40, Fri 22 Oct
Absolute ‘oss shit imo
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
19:30, Fri 22 Oct
I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.
20:03, Fri 22 Oct
Doin it 4 da fanz
Sonic Youth fan. MBV. If you like feedback that much get a job at the council.
21:13, Fri 22 Oct
Linked Image
21:31, Fri 22 Oct
He’s not an idiot
22:06, Fri 22 Oct
Fat Buddha
He’s not an idiot

Agreed, but he does say and do idiotic things.
22:48, Fri 22 Oct
Craig Gardner was never a Blue as much as all said...He put on that dirty Pink and Claret thingymejig on.

Troy Isn't a Blue either.

John Frain was a true Blue =)
22:54, Fri 22 Oct
Craig said the right things imo. Particularly about stability and not changing managers every few months.

The challenge is seeing the demonstration of those sentiments with progression on the pitch - and in realistic timescales.

At the moment, I’m not convinced that we have a cohesive plan and strategy that will get the best out of our current players. Most are under-performing. Nevertheless, I’m prepared to be patient then re-evaluate progress at the end of this year.
23:15, Fri 22 Oct
Agree with most of that.

With regards to the squad the major problem is the same as it’s been for a few years pace and passing. We have no bad players but collectively it is not working consistently enough.

The last two games we should have had 4 points at least. The shape and work ethic were fine we just lacked quality on the turnaround.
23:24, Fri 22 Oct
You don't often get 4 points from 2 shots on target in 180 minutes.
23:32, Fri 22 Oct
Exactly but we had the ball in great areas on the turnaround both games and just messed up three or four times both games. The better sides in this league would have scored at least once from those positions each game.
06:46, Sat 23 Oct
He says what everyone wants to hear.
06:59, Sat 23 Oct
Like a turd that won't flush. How that idiot is employed in that position is beyond me. Guess he says what the people above want to hear.
07:30, Sat 23 Oct
Bit like this post…..

Comparing someone to a turd and then calling them an idiot. Seriously, take a look at yourself. I’m guessing you wouldn’t say either of these if he was standing in front of you.

Criticise his football ability, knowledge etc, although I’m sure he could teach you a thing or two, but why the need for personal insult?

Have a read of the interview with Steve Bruce doing the rounds today to see the kind of effect ‘harmless’ insults can have on people.