22:54, Fri 22 Oct
Demarai Gray

Nathan Redmond
23:04, Fri 22 Oct
Harlee Dean
23:09, Fri 22 Oct
Not sure whether he improved, but seeing Tyler Blackett's name on the Man U team sheet was a bit like seeing my name on the Man U team sheet.

Michael Carrick was a bit meh when he played for us on loan.
01:11, Sat 23 Oct
Andros Townsend.
Jesse Lingard.
06:27, Sat 23 Oct
Trevor Francis
Sonic Youth fan. MBV. If you like feedback that much get a job at the council.
06:48, Sat 23 Oct
There's not many I can think of. Going back 55 years -
Alan Campbell
Gordon Taylor
Bob Hatton
Kenny Cunningham
Matthew Upson
Damien Johnson
Stan Lazaridis
Seb Larsson
Fabrice Muamba
Scott Dann
Joe Hart
07:34, Sat 23 Oct
If we are going back further then David Seaman is ok the list.
07:46, Sat 23 Oct
I can’t think of any to be honest!
Blue since 67 - Will be there at the end of the road, whenever that may be!
07:57, Sat 23 Oct
I reckon Roger Johnson did, and Wolves ruined him.

Tom Adeyemi
Kyle Bartley
Dan Burn
Jesse Lingard
08:33, Sat 23 Oct
Ferdinand Coly
08:40, Sat 23 Oct
Matthew Upson
11:54, Sat 23 Oct
Rowett oh wait outside the bracket.
12:34, Sat 23 Oct
Controversial suggestion: Ravel Morrison. He actually looked the real deal when he left us. Never kept up the straight and narrow he managed with us.

Less controversial: Jermaine Pennant. He did.
12:54, Sat 23 Oct
Olly Lee went from garbage to woeful.
13:06, Sat 23 Oct
Olly Lee went from garbage to woeful.

That's aspirational!