11:34, Sat 23 Oct
What is there to say that would be complimentary?

The owners are destroying anything good about this beautiful club of ours.

Until we get it back from them then nothing will change!
Blue since 67 - Will be there at the end of the road, whenever that may be!
12:21, Sat 23 Oct
OK article that doesn’t really say a great deal.

- Board are abit shite - yep we know
- Bowyer has hit his first major hurdle - we know
- We would be doing OK if we could take chances - yep, again, we know
12:58, Sat 23 Oct
El Mayor
Not sure it told me anything at all. Bit of a pointless article really.

I think it’s more to tell non Blues fans about the club tbh

True, but even for a "neutral" reader I don't think it has much of interest compared to their previous articles on Blues. This article seems really to be findamentally based on the back of a bad run where we can't score. Maybe the stadium stuff is new for some readers but I doubt even that provokes more than a shudder (or snigger) from most non-Blues fans I'm afraid. Anyway, I await the update article when Lee has us in a late surge into the playoffs.....

About 2030 then...