16:56, Sat 23 Oct
Brilliant second half! High pressing and forcing them into mistakes. that energy has been missing last few weeks.

Deeney or Chong MOTM. Probs give it Deeney.

Dean should not be getting the armband back.

Every possibility Dean has played his last game for us.

The armband is a distant memory
17:00, Sat 23 Oct
who got the armband when Troy went off?

Troy asked the ref to give it to Roberts.

Roberts gave it to friend
17:10, Sat 23 Oct
Deeney skipper?

Certainly please the gerrintoem brigade.

Maybe even might inspire the team to a few wins.

But sorry for being a woke wimp and all that, but leadership via hollering threatening and all the rest of the "Mr. Motivator" malarkey doesn't cut it much any more

17:12, Sat 23 Oct
Just seen the Hogan disallowed goal. My only assumption is that the Lino didn’t see the defender at all who was comfortably playing him on. I guess it’s fairly standard inefficiency at this level.
17:23, Sat 23 Oct
Hogan looked offside to me.
No future.....
18:05, Sat 23 Oct
Totally excellent win and well done the team and management team

Flight from Tenerife arrived at Brum ahead of schedule and whilst waiting 25 minutes for some disembarkation steps.. yes really….word got around of a Blues goal…..pandemonium erupted. Whatva great way to be greeted on arrival..woof kro
Just a perfect day. Drink sangria in the park And then later, when it gets dark...We go home
21:00, Sat 23 Oct
Hogan looked offside to me.

Having seen the replay, I think he was too. It was very close mind
21:16, Sat 23 Oct
Buzzing with today’s win, first half was a bit worrying but the opening 20 mins of the second half was brilliant no idea where that came from. More of that pls Bowyer.

Up the blues
21:50, Sat 23 Oct
Yes I agree. Having watched the replay I think the lino may have been right.
22:33, Sat 23 Oct
I can also guarantee that Deeney was offside for the first 😁
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”