18:08, Sat 23 Oct
A nice Cremant to start here.

Then homemade curry with a merlot.

Beer on standby for later.

Up the Troy
18:16, Sat 23 Oct
About 8 pints of the black stuff 🖤🖤
20:01, Sat 23 Oct
Cracking Portuguese rose wine from Aldi.
20:15, Sat 23 Oct
20:30, Sat 23 Oct
20:36, Sat 23 Oct
Ray Mac
About 8 pints of the black stuff 🖤🖤

I did that last night at one of those video race nights.
I've suffered all day. The walk up the Gil Merrick upper stairs seemed harder.
Anyway, Jamesons tonight
That was liquid football!
20:36, Sat 23 Oct
Just poured a Glenmorangie
Birmingham City F.C - ruining your weekends since 2011
20:47, Sat 23 Oct
Some fine choices here 😎

Up the feckin Blues 👍

20:57, Sat 23 Oct
A 12 hour night shift, but with a bit of a spring in my step, for a change.