08:55, Wed 24 Nov
If the McGree penalty decision had been given against us this forum would be in meltdown.

The Woods sending off won’t be overturned so not sure why we’re appealing it.
08:57, Wed 24 Nov
I thought he was caught too, seen them given by VAR. The Cov ‘penalty’ was also close, he was pulling his shirt but, let go as the ball was kicked, centre forward then threw himself to the floor. A decent referee would have seen it an stopped the kick being taken

On VAR it would be given 100 times out of a 100.
09:11, Wed 24 Nov
Rab C Nesbitt
Woods deserved to get sent off. So there

For serious foul play as per the referees call?

I agree it's anti football and is not in the spirit of the game but then there should be another reason for a red card to be given. Woods was not endangering their player in the slightest by giving his heel a little tickle.
09:53, Wed 24 Nov
If the McGree penalty decision had been given against us this forum would be in meltdown.

The Woods sending off won’t be overturned so not sure why we’re appealing it.

Because to be a red the rules state he has to be the last man OR serious foul play (i.e dangerous)

Neither were the case, ergo sum wrong decision.

If you want to debate whether cynical professional fouls should be red carded you have a point, but as others have stated that rule then needs to be applied consistently (which again is not the case).
10:38, Wed 24 Nov
Fat Buddha
McGree had his shirt pulled and was being manhandled, which may have contribute to the miskick, but as theirs was a much more obvious ref error, eff it.

Woods lack of pace is always going to cost him and us, he looks like he’s busting a gut which gives him an air of desperation. Never a red though. There’s only three people in the world think that’s a red, the ref, Robins and Rab. Ones a clown, one is worse and the other is a nutter.
I hope I’m down as the nutter
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
10:49, Wed 24 Nov
He “kicked air” because he’d been pulled back by his shirt. Not as obvious as theirs but a penalty nonetheless.
The referee decided he can apply his own rules last night. Never a red card and we should win the appeal.

It was a penalty for the foul on McGree. Would have been given with VAR, he's clearly impeded.

Not a great performance overall but with the injuries we have, a draw is OK.
10:54, Wed 24 Nov
Sunjic and Sanderson’s bookings were also for challenges where they made no attempt to play the ball and simply sought to stop the attack.

So if anyone is saying Woods was a red, then there should have been 3 reds and we should have been down to 8 me

They were all yellow cards
10:55, Wed 24 Nov
Like Bowyer said, if that's a red, then every single game will have a red card because it happens everywhere, every week at every level. Yellow card. Will get overturned.
11:08, Wed 24 Nov
There was also, by the way, a deliberate handball right in front of the ref - to stop us on a break, which the ref didn't even give a yellow for.
11:25, Wed 24 Nov
Yeah, amazing how their midfielder got away with that
11:29, Wed 24 Nov
The red was garbage last night absolutely pathetic.

The woods foul whilst a yellow was just another bit of evidence to me that we need to scrap doing these king throws.

Being out of possession results in these incidents
11:41, Wed 24 Nov
My favourite throw-in episode last night was when Roberts went through all the bollocks of drying the ball and that, then tried to throw it short and threw it out for a goal kick.

Comedy gold.
11:41, Wed 24 Nov
Rab C Nesbitt
Nikola Zigic
I assume the former because it was never a red card
I've never had a problem with someone getting a red for those types of fouls. He never tried to get the ball . I've always been consistent

I just don't know what the law is. What is 'serious foul play'.

Normally, 'professional fouls' or taking one for the team gets a yellow unless it's dangerous or violent or they are in on goal. Woods did dive in but it was just to trip the bloke.

Woods was so far off the pace maybe it was a tackle.😎
11:46, Wed 24 Nov
🤣 awful

We are so poor at times you’ve got to laugh

I’ll never tire of hating hearing Birmingham is full of shit by the Coventry fans.

Legitimately the one song that gets me fighty 🤣