Several things's 4 days ago now, let it lie

Lets play the incident the other way round (and pretend we have a pacy attacker!). The Cov guy does the same tackle as Woods did. Everyone here would be shouting 'Clear red'

But most importantly, I think the Laws of the game start with the clause "If, in the opinion of the referee...'. In other words its subjective. If you want to stop the game to check every goal scored penno given/not given, every yellow or red card given/not given then welcome to the world of American Football half a dozen refs per game and each game lasting 3 hours plus.

Neighbour's son is a L1/L2 official. We sometimes chat about his job...and if folk saw all the stuff officials have to go through to try to get consistency they'd be a bit less keen to talk about dodgy refs cheating

Can we lose this persecution complex that everyone's out to get us. Much as some would like to assume the mantle, we are not the Millwall of the Midlands.

And ultimately these things even out over 46 games...people rememeber when we wuz robbed a whole lot more than when we got lucky

A lot of assumption there, most of it totally wrong imo. For one, I'd never have claimed a red if it had have been against us. As for the evened out over 46 games....,🙄
22:57, Sat 27 Nov
Don’t know if it’s been mentioned already but I’ve just caught the highlights on MOTD of them down the road and there was a challenge from Milivojevic very similar on Watkins that only got a yellow.

EFL are a joke.
01:05, Sun 28 Nov
That Fulham player had better receive a retrospective ban, the bloke he tackled, his lower leg is in a cast right now.
She's playing with fire, he''s not ready for nibbly pig...