10:17, Fri 26 Nov
Not sure how long it’s been on iplayer but good documentary on the rise in popularity during the 70’s and 80’s of snooker.

First episode is on Hurricane Higgins and his rise to fame and what it brought with it
15:49, Fri 26 Nov
I saw this a few months ago and it was really good. Snooker really prospered with the advent of colour tv during a period when there were still only three channels. Apart from the world championships, we had Pot Black on BBC2 which I remember would often feature Birmingham's Graham Miles. In those days you could name pretty much every top player on the circuit.
15:55, Fri 26 Nov
Maybe a couple of years old. Took me back to my childhood though. Loved it
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
08:01, Sat 27 Nov
Likewise, I used to watch it with my Grandad, who taught me how to play.

Davis was always my favourite player, but I had a soft spot for Jimmy White as well.

Was gutted when Hendry beat him in 1990
09:27, Sat 27 Nov
Joe Johnson.

What a great big innocent cuddly bear.

When others were quaffing pints of lager he was opening his Tupperware box of sandwiches an apple and chocolate bar prepared for him that morning by Mrs Johnson.
09:31, Sat 27 Nov
Bill Werbenuik --What a legend in the quaffing world
09:40, Sat 27 Nov
Said he needed at least four pints to loosen up.

With quite amusing results in one instance.