18:22, Fri 26 Nov
Looking to get the train to the Blackburn match. Nearest stations to me are Burton and Tamworth, the cheapest I can find is £50 from Burton, is that about the right price or does anyone know if I could find cheaper, have only looked at the trainline so far. Thanks
18:43, Fri 26 Nov
.....last Saturday before Christmas so busy on the trains, you can do multiple splits and changes.

Burton > Stoke
Stoke > Manchester
Manchester > Blackburn ....could do this for just under £43

Alternatively try splits to Preston , the Preston to Blackburn return is only £6.00, so find a cheap way of getting to Preston.
19:08, Fri 26 Nov
Thanks,much appreciated
20:01, Fri 26 Nov
I've got it down the £39.60 I think with split tickets,bit of a ballache though,I thought these websites are supposed to show the cheapest tickets up front
20:16, Fri 26 Nov
Zaz has it for £37.80 from Burton
20:31, Fri 26 Nov
Thanks hadn't heard of that website
20:43, Fri 26 Nov
No problem. Used it for Hull and saved £25
08:46, Sat 27 Nov
Might not be any good but we used to get to Preston (lad lives up there and pre pandemic) for about £36 (changing once at Crewe). As has been said cheap then to Blacburn return, need to book well in advance for that price though.