14:02, Sat 27 Nov
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14:03, Sat 27 Nov
Dean kicked out again !
14:04, Sat 27 Nov
Tweet since deleted?

*Edit - Back up. Same team as original tweet
14:04, Sat 27 Nov
Where is Fred playing?

And Walker? Is he another youth? Any good?
14:06, Sat 27 Nov
I had no idea that Peds and Graham were fit; it gives me a little more hope that we can get a result now.
14:06, Sat 27 Nov
Assume thats remi walker on the bench?
14:06, Sat 27 Nov
Me too.
14:07, Sat 27 Nov
Let's hope they are actually fit and ot rushed back because we are low on numbers.
BCFC - Letting me down for 49 years
14:21, Sat 27 Nov
That starting 11 isn't bad at all.
15:23, Sat 27 Nov
Sounds like it's another dull match
15:25, Sat 27 Nov
Bela nearly scored in the first minute. Since then, the ref has been playing “how many shit decisions can I give to Blackpool?” Think he’s up to 37 now.
We’ll have a man sent off before you can say “Woods”!
Blue since 67 - Will be there at the end of the road, whenever that may be!
15:32, Sat 27 Nov
Our passing has again been fantastic.
This has been shite
Roberts has attempted 8 passes so far, only 1 has gone to a blues player.