Maybe that’s why he changed things. Again, credit to Bowyer
12:12, Sun 28 Nov
One Riley
Maybe that’s why he changed things. Again, credit to Bowyer

It was - he said so in his interview. And yes credit to him for spotting it and acting on it.

But also if a Level 1 FA coach (me) can spot it after 20 mins from the stands surely he should be seeing it and fixing it quicker?
10:36, Mon 29 Nov
I personally think Deeney and Hogan actually do offer a threat playing up front together.

11:08, Mon 29 Nov
I think we have to play two up front whenever possible. We don't have anyone who can play up front on their own, Well at least not successfully.
We are terrible at playing 1up with 1or two behind them. The gap between our players is always too large.

We should be playing 3-5-2, 4-3-3, 4-3-1-2, 4-4-2 and any other formation as necessary.
We are not the strongest side and we have to be prepared to make changes. If a formation isn't working in a game we can't afford to be rigid.
Especially when we are short of players in some positions.
Having a 'philosophy' is fine if you are the strongest side. You can make teams play the way you want to. If the sides are pretty much equal you have to take in to account the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition much more and adapt to that.
Also you have to have enough changes to surprise teams. A team that only plays one way is easier to set up against. Even if they are good at that way of playing you can tell your players what to do confident that it is the right thing. They might they struggle to do it, but that is a different issue. Give the opposition something to think about so they aren't sure whether to step forward or back and you give yourselves a better chance.
People seem to get tied up with the idea of one perfect formation and starting eleven. Over a 46 game season you have to make so many changes for injuries & suspensions and substitutes in matches that this idea is anachronistic. We aren't living in the early 1980s with just one sub available any longer. You have to use the squad to maximise the amount of time you have fresh players. That means flexible tactics to try to get the best out of players.

I think we are ok at this, but not brilliant. Mostly that is down to the players we have. If we had a Mitrovic it would be much eaier