23:41, Sat 27 Nov
Whoever made the decision for this to ahead has egg on his face

07:58, Sun 28 Nov
Ridiculous. Some people in power have no idea whatsoever!
Blue since 67 - Will be there at the end of the road, whenever that may be!
08:31, Sun 28 Nov
If Colin had been in charge he would have had a player sent off in 7 seconds and game over. Why did the manager leave to go on so long?
BCFC - Letting me down for 49 years
09:18, Sun 28 Nov
"What is happening has serious implications for the credibility of this championship and the institutions that regulate it."

Very True.
10:59, Sun 28 Nov
And yet...

The club’s president, Rui Pedro Soares, said that despite the rash of positive tests he had not requested a postponement due to fears over fixture congestion. “The calendar has not been planned well – and the consequences are clear to see.”
Looks like some sort of powerplay going on.