Re: Arthur

16:40, Sun 5 Dec
Fair play to Vile

Yep, that was great from them (and Leicester).
16:45, Sun 5 Dec
Stopped the game and the players joined in, was very moving, was welling up.
16:45, Sun 5 Dec
Yeah fair play all round, and "we love you Arthur" is making me well up a bit still.

Man United can feck off. Very poor show when it's happened almost everywhere else.
16:59, Sun 5 Dec
Standing with the Halifax fans at Kiddy and hearing them singing it made me realise how many people have been touched by Arthur.
17:34, Sun 5 Dec
It was very impressive. Well done.
22:16, Sun 5 Dec
Very moving at Villa Park today. Not a dry eye in the house.
22:41, Sun 5 Dec
Fair play to the villa & also other clubs and to the Cardiff fan that came on here.

Been away for the weekend and watching match of the day and brings tears to my eyes.
22:47, Sun 5 Dec
And eff Man U for ignoring it (if they did as I've been told)
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
23:52, Sun 5 Dec
Rab C Nesbitt
And eff Man U for ignoring it (if they did as I've been told)

I’ve heard this as well. 😢😢
02:48, Mon 6 Dec
Hi. Im the guy that has been running the gofund page since June 20. Initially the funding was for 2 memorial stones. 1 for each grandparents.All additional monies are to go to the families to remember Arthur as they chose and towards Arthur's burial.This page is with the blessing of the family and all details are in the go fund message at the top of the page. Regards

Re: Arthur

07:15, Mon 6 Dec
Man United don’t have a screen, is that the issue?
What did the Knights in White satin?
08:01, Mon 6 Dec
There’s nothing to stop the fans breaking into spontaneous applause, with or without a screen.

Probably just didn’t realise what the football family was expecting of them.
08:20, Mon 6 Dec
I’m sure they tweeted that they would be partaking?
08:27, Mon 6 Dec
Doesn't matter - feck em anyway.
The rest of football did Arthur proud, that's the main thing. Little chaps' story has touched everyone I think. There can be no consolation for what that babbie suffered, but if it makes people just that little bit more aware and willing to flag up anything they may have ignored before, then that is something. Maybe the next Arthur can be spared.
14:25, Mon 6 Dec
I’m not sure why we are fecking them

They took part as far as I know. They don’t have a big screen to display a pic.