09:56, Mon 6 Dec
And why’s that ???

People liked sitting in the Tilton or beside the pitch in the Kop…… You don’t just lose those numbers without a reason….. It deters people coming thinking you are not going to sit where you want
09:59, Mon 6 Dec
The problem the "club" will have is that it would need to borrow the money from somewhere to fund the repairs when it now has no asset base (beyond player registrations). This really means it is reliant on financial help from the parent company.

I assume the club probably entered into a full maintaining, repairing and insuring lease when the stadium was sold. If so, it is very likely a survey was done to put in place a schedule of condition, which records the state of the ground at that time. In general the tenant is simply required to return the stadium in no worse condition when the tenancy ends.

I agree with your maths - it should be the proverbial Craigy G of a decision. I suspect the challenge for the football club is getting the money to start with i.e. you need to be able to make the investment before you can seek to get a return on it!
10:00, Mon 6 Dec
Build it and they will come!
10:01, Mon 6 Dec
Le Mod
We're not selling out the available capacity at the moment.

In part because the stadium isn't properly open and the experience is shit, they are interrelated

As I said, it's a vicious circle.

Lack of investment because of perceived lack of demand, which decreases demand further, which further fuels the desire to not invest any more...
10:03, Mon 6 Dec
Agree with you and the others, but until there is pressure on capacity they won't be willing to borrow the money in order to carry out the works.

This is opinion of course, I've no idea really.
There's too much opinion and not enough fact.
10:03, Mon 6 Dec
Well that's cheered me up. Thanks Dan.
10:08, Mon 6 Dec
Thing is, if the club and parent company just refuse to engage, or even answer questions - what's the point? it's just banging your head against a brick wall. How do you pressure people who clearly don't care one bit about the 'customers'? The people who are drifting away now aren't guaranteed to ever go back.
10:09, Mon 6 Dec
My comment was tongue in cheek. As my other post makes clear the club cannot fund the work so they need a soft loan.

I think the ground in better order and fully open would add back to the gate but nowhere near full.

That said I think we will struggle to secure new supporters. Demographics as well as waning interest in attending live football in person is taking its toll too.
10:11, Mon 6 Dec
Surely they must look at the average attendances prior to the closure ??…….. I know I’m not holding out much hope of them being forward thinking financial guru’s but it’s not flamin hard surely to work out the perceived wisdom would be to say ‘what were we getting prior to this problem arising’ ?????

Edit…. They better hope we don’t get Villa Liverpool Citeh Chelsea Utd in tge cup today at home…… 10,000 tickets at 30 quid a pop
10:11, Mon 6 Dec
David Xavis
Cracking piece again Dan.

Re the lower tiers, I was under the impression work had been ongoing on those whilst we were sorting the upper tiers out? Was this false? Or did it get shelved?

I spoke to someone at the club last week, the word they have been given is nothing will be started now until the summer. My suspicion is access is an issue but I do not know that for certain.

That's absolutely right ... and almost none of the problem is the current owner's fault really (apart from their weird choice for Project Manager).

Was there some sort of concert planned at one stage at St Andrews as part of the Commonwealth Games fest ? .... not happening now ?
10:16, Mon 6 Dec
Rags, you are absolutely right that this issue isn't of the current owners making, in all probability - but the solution to the problem and how it's being handled absolutely is and it's a total shambles. Apart from that though the bigger issue in my opinion is the general lack of care. Ok the structural issues, fair enough, a big problem dumped in their laps let's say - but the running down and lack of care of the stadium and its surrounds has been a feature for years now.
10:18, Mon 6 Dec
You’d hope they’d rush the fixing of the stands just to avoid the ongoing embarrassment of it all. They haven’t because they don’t care. I loathe the people that control this football club.
10:19, Mon 6 Dec
Trust me folks ... it isn't really a case of money, it's a case of logistics.

Re-opening of top tiers was someone else's fault (although an experienced Project Manager would have spotted something that the PM didn't). I can't say whose fault as it's to be adjudicated and i don't want to "blow my cover" or lose my job by defaming a company.

Whichever way the bottom tiers was approached they weren't going to be open at the start of this season - and since they need the pitch to be unused for such a long period it was only going to get finished quicker if we went and played at a different ground for 3 months.

No subcontractor has been refused based on cost - as i said, it's an unfortunate logistical problem.

Will email Mayor with full details at some point but incredibly busy right now
10:22, Mon 6 Dec
You’d hope they’d rush the fixing of the stands just to avoid the ongoing embarrassment of it all. They haven’t because they don’t care. I loathe the people that control this football club.

This. Also, when we all say 'the money is gone' I think we should bear in mind it hasn't. The owners have money, I just think they have decided they won't spend anymore on us than needs to be spent, other than just keep us alive. Didn't one of 'em buy a 6 million pad for his Mrs recently? that's the only reason I believe they have money though - I don't know this for a fact.
10:22, Mon 6 Dec
Are we suggesting that the “actual” repair work (on the hardware) has not been started or ANY work hasn’t been done?

The former makes sense, TBh I can see what that would be the case.

You’re right, it makes absolute sense. Which makes it even worse is that the club won’t communicate this. I’m personally affected as our STs are in the lower Kop, but I understand totally that access is impossible during the season. Why won’t they simply announce the plans and situation? The owners really do need a new PR company!