18:22, Tue 7 Dec
Sunjic and Kief very similar. And that has been the issue for some time now. Even though we have spent money at times we haven’t actually improved the side at all. Dean and Roberts for Morrison and Shotton for example and several attempts to replace Spector at RB but nobody has been better. No replacement for Adams yet either though that was always going to be difficult.
18:28, Tue 7 Dec
Actually, I can imagine it


Wow got me there I forgot about that one sorry sunjy lol

But of late every effort sunjic has at goal is either to weak or totally waywords and he does actually get in some good positions where he could won us points.
19:30, Tue 7 Dec
Get down that wing Wigley
Remember when kief scored that banger against Leeds could u imagine sunjic pulling that off . Says it all really.

Sunjic did score a banger away at Derby but I also agree - he's not really much better (or worse) than Dutch Mike. Ho-hum.

Re Woods. I know I bang this drum constantly but....we need him in the team. We were so much better with the ball before he got dropped. Since he's been out after Forest we've gone backwards. LB has to be braver, we're never going to improve if we keep playing 2 'ratters' in CM. It's just a no brainer. I know Woods is limited but the alternative of Sunjic and Gardner - just no.

I completely agree about Woods, he does a lot of unnoticed stuff and is one of the only players that wants to get it down and play, problem is he’s surrounded by players that don’t know how to.

Also, biggest problem for Sunjic is his price tag, he will always take a lot of hard criticism because of his 6 mill price tag. He’s a good player for us but like I said, for the 6 mill, he’s not even close to that price.
00:05, Wed 8 Dec
I think with Sunjic I'm convinced he is a decent player. Saw his highlights in Croatia and he looked a Golding player who would spread the play.

When he first signed under Clotet he was class. We were playing great football at times and he, crowley and villalba for a short period were brilliant. Sunjic at that time used the ball very well and scored a great goal at Derby.

Since then he has just been used as a ratter in midfield and I feel almost like he's just accepted that basic role now and doesn't even attempt to show any composure at all. It's ashame because he looked every bit a £6m player and I'm sure he still is given the right team.

A lot of people here thought we would lose him after the first season to a prem side.
When I arrive I am causing a Heatwave
08:08, Wed 8 Dec
I think he’s pretty average(I’m being kind) on the ball and lacks composure, which is exactly what the Croatian journalists said when he signed for us, they laughed at the comparisons with Modric and said that he wasn’t someone who could pass a balll and he lacked technical ability, but that he had energy and work rate.
12:41, Wed 8 Dec
Teams that play football this formation doesn't suit hoofball style I agree with a few other posters LB is a very limited manager 442 but I'm not always right hopefully and wishing fully he proves me wrong.

I’d say you’re never right
13:13, Wed 8 Dec
Good player he is not have seen him a couple of times till they dropped him would not be an upgrade on Pedereson thats how bad he is .We do need a left back but sign somebody with a bit of promise not another has been .
14:07, Wed 8 Dec
Good player he is not have seen him a couple of times till they dropped him would not be an upgrade on Pedereson thats how bad he is .We do need a left back but sign somebody with a bit of promise not another has been .

Was this purposely wrote like yoda?
14:43, Wed 8 Dec
14:54, Wed 8 Dec
Bit unfair to say he’s a has been, he’s only 28. Played 88 games in the last 2 seasons for a good Swansea team that finished in play offs both seasons. Massive improvement on Pederson in my opinion. I know we don’t stand a chance of getting him so doesn’t mean a lot but we aren’t getting many better than him at this level
16:49, Wed 8 Dec
I know he's got more chance of ending back up QPR.
17:42, Wed 8 Dec
Wouldn’t be surprised if that was an option tbf!
19:29, Wed 8 Dec
Maybe has been is a bit much but just dont think hed be much of an improvement on Pederson who i think has been poor at best since that move to Watford fell through nearly 2 seasons ago ,
19:34, Wed 8 Dec
I think you’d be surprised
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
19:53, Wed 8 Dec
Always happy to be proved wrong and they do well for Blues .