This striker we have put a substantial bid on - Its Rooney
BCFC - Letting me down for 49 years
10:12, Wed 19 Jan
“Oh Nikola Zigic”
10:29, Wed 19 Jan
Gary Rowett is trying to burn them on a deal for that Sibley. Vultures circling the carcass, they will have to start accepting offers for players in order to survive as a club.

In other news, if they were kicked out of the league and results invalidated where would that leave us?

Why aren't we a vulture here?

We are one skint vulture unfortunately.

We should be all over whichever mug they've got playing left wing back.

We are that vulture sat at the back of the queue, the bone thin one with a raggedy ass and one wing broken. Our prospects for tucking in with the other vultures aren't looking good.
16:40, Thu 20 Jan
Oof, ding ding round one!