11:20, Wed 23 Nov
One of my favourites gone
11:29, Wed 23 Nov
That's a real shame but he put up a great fight.
11:29, Wed 23 Nov
Sad news. Saw them at Bogart's before they had a hit single. Lee Brilleaux lead singer and Wilko doing his trademark walk. Superb. Cost me 20p. R.I.P Wilko.
11:33, Wed 23 Nov
They had a (live) no. 1 album before having a hit single. A very rare occurrence.
11:34, Wed 23 Nov
RIP Wilko. Was a great live show.
11:35, Wed 23 Nov
RIP he did well to reach 75 with all his issues.

Always regretted not seeing them live. If you can pick up the Oil City Confidential documentary anywhere well worth a watch really catches the pub rock times
12:18, Wed 23 Nov
Such sad sad news. Gutted.

The Great Gig in the Sky just got a lot better.

RIP Wilko.
12:22, Wed 23 Nov
Amazed that he lived so long with his health problems.
Ace performer, RIP
12:31, Wed 23 Nov
13:03, Wed 23 Nov
Decent tune
13:08, Wed 23 Nov
Sad news. RIP Wilco.
I’ve seldom seen anyone as ill at ease with themselves as Liz Truss. Every expression, gesture and joyless smile seems mannered and staged. It’s as if she has read a manual on how humans behave.

George Monbiet.
13:13, Wed 23 Nov
One of my favourites gone

Thought I was going to have to get my light bulbs and no3 screws from somewhere else for a bit there.
13:58, Wed 23 Nov
Have to go to B&M instead I guess.